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jimj0will ADMIN August 11, 2018

Fog and/or rain has to be an ESSENTIAL and defining element of the photo. If it just happens to be foggy or raining and it does not enhance the photo it will be deleted.

Group Description

Fog, Mist, Thick Clouds, Storms. "Nasty" weather in general. Only for photos where fog and rain can be identified clearly as the most important aspect to the photo. SUBMIT ONLY HIGH QUALITY IMAGES. This group is curated and moderated. Please visit the Discussion area for more info.

Group Rules

READ THIS FIRST: visit the discussion area BEFORE you submit photos to the group! Read the rules & guidelines (sticky posts) in there! Do not skip them!

"Fog and Rain" is a moderated group. Please only submit images that have obvious rain and/or fog as a main and essential component of the photo. You can always browse the latest photos in the pool to get an idea what gets accepted.

Fog photos have to be foggy - not just a little misty in the background, somewhere. Clouds are not fog - unless you're in the clouds. :) Water blurred into a mist from a long exposure is not fog. A little haze in photos made at night is not fog. Smoke is not fog. The Aurora Borealis is not fog. Waterfalls are not rain. Fountains are not rain. Rain is water which is actually falling from clouds in the sky, it should be visible in your photo - in puddles, wet streets, in streaks of rain, and so on.

There should be a centre of interest where the fog or rain is an essential element of the photo. Pictures of just fog or just rain/clouds, or a load of trees in fog with no obvious centre of interest are not suitable for inclusion in the group.

The following photos have a very low chance of entering the pool (unless they're exceptionally good) either because of complete saturation of the subject matter or because they are unsuitable. Please avoid submitting these:

--- Mountainscapes
— Rainbows
— Raindrops on a window with blurry/bokeh stuff in the distance (or the other way around)
— Close-ups of water- or dewdrops on flowers, plants, spiderwebs, your car, your barbecue, panes of glass, whatever.
— Your significant other or your dog, cat, car (whatever) against a backdrop of fog/rain (by that I mean the family album photos)
— Trainspotting/Planespotting
- Heavily vignetted or heavily filtered or heavily photoshopped shots and one with large logos or frames. Shots must be photographs, not paintings or drawings.

Important: do NOT submit photos that have limited visibility! Photos must be PUBLIC, otherwise I can only see the thumbnails in the moderation queue, and that's not enough for me to evaluate an image! You MUST have a visible photostream to join the group.

If a photo was denied, please do not re-submit it. Members who re-submit images that have been denied will be removed or even banned from the group. No re-posting of any images without Admin approval.

If you were lucky enough to be invited to add a photo to the group, you could just add your photo but really we would like you to consider such an invitation as one to join the group too.

No advertising goods or services. No proselytising for causes, religions, cults, political groups, or anything else. Members who spam will be banned. Anyone who applies to join who appears to be likely to breach this rule will be granted entry so I can ban them!

The group is marked as "Safe for everyone" - that includes kids and family. Please submit only suitable content.

Admin reserves the right to exercise absolute judgement on all matters.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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