siberian tiger man 7:10am, 31 August 2006
There are about 600 amur (siberian) tigers in zoos around
the world.
The zoo population
of amur tigers has 90+ wild-caught "Founders"
The "Founders" were the original
tigers taken from the wild and put into zoos.
Most of these "Founders" were taken in the
Todays captive population of 600 amur tigers is
descended from these 90+ wild-caught "Founders"
The gene-pool is very good because of all
these "Founders"
Most of the 600 amur tigers belong to breeding
programs like the-
EEP (European Endangered species Program)
SSP (Species Survival Plan) in North America.
Japan also has a breeding program for the amur tiger.
There are 26 European countries take part
in the EEP amur tiger program.
Only the amur tiger is considered safe in a captive
sense, but none of the others.
In 1995 the Russian authorities asked the
coordinators of the breeding programs in zoos for a
policy on amur tigers from the wild, so an official
policy was drawn up, the coordinators said, that the
captive population of amur tigers does not need any
additional wild caught tigers, but if the authorities
asked them to take in orphaned cubs, they would find a
home for them.

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