laurel_lee 2:06am, 29 March 2006
starshine2 and i continue to be amazed at the growth of this group. thank you, thank you all for joining us.

i thought it would be fun to have everyone introduce ourselves - all 90+ of us! we have increased in size by more than 80 in just 24 hours!!

anyhow, while starshine2 is the originator of the group, i have the honor of sharing admin duties with her. she's a great gal!!

i'm the mother of 3 boys, and i live in erin, tennessee, usa. i've only just celebrated my 2-month anniversary w/ flickr, but i am already a die-heard addict. i enjoy taking photos, especially nature scenes.

it's a pleasure to meet y'all!!
Ran_ PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ran_ (member) 12 years ago
It's a pleasure to be a part of this group. I have only been with flickr for a couple of months myself. Prior to being a member of flickr I was a member of Wunderground for several years.
I am 38, married and live in Toronto Canada. I enjoy photography very much and I would consider myself addicted. :):)
This is a great group and I wish the admins the best of luck in the future :)
starshine2 12 years ago
chrysanthemum-mom introduced me to flickr a little over a month ago, and i have been hooked ever since.

i was born and raised in florida, but moved to tennessee when i was 19.
i am the mother of three beautiful boys, aged 10, 6, and 11 months.
i work full time and attend shool full time, so how i find time for flickr is beyond me! (i don't sleep much!)
Ev Lloyd 12 years ago
Well i may as well contribute!
Found Flickr through The TV show Call for Help, since i got my camera, have become very addicted.
As for me, Native Born and bred Aussie, with Welsh heritage (Dad born in Wales, mum was a half cast welshman ;P)
32yo Still living in Victoria, where at the moment is very bloody cold!
Married with one kid...well, actually he's a dog, but we treat him like a human.
My love of Photography is only shadowed by my love of surfing.
So in short, pleased to meet one and all (hopefully sooner than later)

mssharondawn 12 years ago
Hello to all, I am married, have 2 grown daughters, 3 grandchildren (another on the way-due in August),so excited about that! Also 2 stepchildren.
Live in east Tennessee...near the Great Smoky Mountains. Love the mountains!
We have 3 pet dogs. I work fulltime for Marriott in the A/R dept.
Been a flickr member for a few yrs. and love it!!
Although I have been snapping pics for a long time, still consider myself an amateur and enjoy seeing other posts from flickr members:)
Thanks for providing this group too.
daily_laffer_pics Posted 12 years ago. Edited by daily_laffer_pics (admin) 12 years ago
I also live in TN. I am a resident of Bellview, a suburb of Nashville. My wife is gracious enough to enjoy my little photo expeditions herself and we continue to amaze ourselves with what is in the neighborhood. By the way, I am a rank amateur in photography.
I was recently asked to become a third administrator in this group. We have a rapidly growing group and receive a lot of wonderful photos that must be observed. Feel free(encouraged) to remark about your fellow photographer's work. I'm sure they get as much encouragement from the remarks as I do. LEW
agate50 12 years ago
Hello, I am happy to have found this group. I am new to flickr and new to taking pictures. I'm finding that carrying my camera with me lets me live more in the moment, and be attentive to the details I once would've missed. Looking forward to getting to know you!
regular trip [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi there! I found this group thanks to cmadir and it looks like a wonderful place to "hang out," with other non-pros who love photography.
bill.fu 12 years ago
I live in SW New York, just south of Buffalo. I'm probably the only member of Flickr that took up photography at age 70 while being legally blind.Thanks to the computer, I see well enough to participate. I use a Nikon E8700 so if I don't get what I'm hoping for maybe I can use a part of the photo. I seem to spend a lot of time with birders so I needed somethhing to keep me busy.
JodyMcG 12 years ago
Wow! HI ALL! Well, I live in Lancaster, PA and I am divorced with 2 children. I am definitely quite the amatuer and I just bought a very tiny camera and I carry it everywhere. I am addicted to Flickr and so are my kids! I love taking pics of them or anyone or anything! Thanks!
furtive transport [deleted] 12 years ago
Hi all,

I am looking forward to contributing some photos to this group. I live in San Francisco, CA and started shooting when my son was born. After a year and a half we upgraded to a Canon digital Rebel XT and have not looked back since.

I am pretty new to flickr, only been a member since March. Thinking of becoming a Pro member when my stream reaches 200.
Amber... Bamberboo 12 years ago
Hey. I am 36 year old, married, mother of 4 (11, 9, 6 and 5) living in Belgium for the last 6 years but moving back to Scotland in 3 weeks. I joined flickr about a year ago to host pictures for my blog - but fell in love with flickr. I haven't stopped blogging but I think my poor wee blog thinks I am having an affair.

I have joined this group, but haven't contributed much due to my upcoming move... maybe next month.
DebbieD 12 years ago
Hello everyone-I joined flickr amost a year ago-however had a busy year and didnt visit-but now I am back and hope to share with all! Taking time for myself to persue my passion-photography!
Nanaki 12 years ago
I'm new to flickr, but tend to spend alot of time here, it's a great place to share experience and get and recive critissism.
I'm 22, living i Bergen Norway, where I studdy new media (witch flickr itself is a good example of). I like most things that are digital, and that includes my camera. I hope this group is as constructive and friendly as most I've joined, the flickr comminety seems very positive.
mschelly02 12 years ago
Hello, I just joined Flickr and thought this might be the perfect group for me to join as I have only begun to dabble in photography. I don't have a whole lot of time on my hands, but I really love photography and can hardly wait to finish school so I may pursue my hobby even more!! Thank you for starting the "Amateur Hour" and for allowing anyone to join. I hope to learn a lot! :o)
Marlis1 PRO 12 years ago
Grettings from Spain!
I am a Swiss-Canadian expat now living near Tortosa. Since birdyboo introduced me to flickr, I have become sort of an addict!!!!
I love looking at all the wonderful pics and commenting on as many as possible. I also post a lot of pics of my new home. There is lots to do and see all year round- .
This looks like a fun group, many beautiful and interesting pics- . Thanks to all of you for sharing!
DDelicious 12 years ago
Im from New Zealand, we have lots of sheep
familiar watch [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by familiar watch (member) 12 years ago
Hi, I recently joined flickr and found this group. I live in Sacramento, Ca. I am an enthusiastic photographer and enjoy shooting in all kinds of settings. I have taken a number of community classes, and only recently began sharing some pics on-line. I hope to contribute both photographs and comments. By sharing pics and ideas I hope we all grow in our talents.
~~Nelly~~ PRO 12 years ago
Hello, I just found this group.
I live in Mechelen (Belgium) and take very much pictures in my home town.
noshowmo 12 years ago
Hi, I'm new to Flickr and just found this group. I love taking pictures, but am far from a professional, or even that good! All of the photos I've seen so far are quite beautiful, and almost intimidating!

I live in Richmond, Virginia, which is a beautiful city with great architecture, and I realize as I'm typing that it never occurs to me to take pictures here (I'm a vacation photographer). Need to correct that.
FL-lady 12 years ago
I just found this group, I live in Florida and am very much an amateur photographer. I am retired and thought it would be a good time to start a hobby. Trying to learn as I go.
birdtoes 12 years ago
I'm Judy, and I joined Flickr a few months ago. I'm very new at taking photographs but have found myself becoming addicted to photography and to Flickr.
I live in Lynchburg, Virginia (hey, noshowmo, looks like we're neighbors!), live in a one-room house and have pet rats. :)
Titanfan PRO 12 years ago
Hi All,
I'm Mike and I've been a member of flickr for a while but was just using it to host my pics. I slowly got drawn into the groups and just recently went ahead and bought a pro account. Funny how the addiction grows. I'm from Nashville and enjoy football as well as photography. I enjoy more things but that is where my nick comes from. I'm very much an amature at photography so any input is welcome.
DottieboBottie 12 years ago
My name is Dottie and I have been on Flickr for about 8 months. I live and work in Washington, DC. I also originally just wanted a site to host my pictures, but at the urging of friends and family, I decided to get a little more into photography. I joined groups so I could see other techniques and get ideas about what I should shoot. This is a lot cheaper than taking a class and I can do this in my free time.

I always enjoy looking at all the photos and commenting on them. I would also welcome your input if you have any! :)
DottieboBottie 12 years ago

I grew up in Halifax, VA! I often travel to the train station in Lynchburg when I go home. It is an awsome picture taking place!

Lynchburg, VA Train Station
patries71 PRO 12 years ago
Hello everyone
I`m Patricia, 35 years old and live in the Netherlands. About two months ago i bought my first "real"" camera and have been an addict eversince. I especially like taking pictures of animals and happen to live close to three zoos/ animalparks. I look forward to sharing my pictures with you and really enjoy looking at yours.
dudeaz.. Posted 12 years ago. Edited by dudeaz.. (member) 12 years ago
Hi! I live in NW Arizona and only found Flickr a few months ago. I just looked and looked until last month before I started posting. Very amateur, just bought my first digital camera and am trying to learn all the bells and whistles! I'm addicted..log on before coffee some mornings!! I hope I can share and learn here. Mostly my pics are scenery here where I live but my camera will catch more as time goes on..My dog smiles but my cat runs when they see the camera! all help appreciated! Thanks...
FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by FOTOGRAFIA.Nelo.Esteves (member) 12 years ago
As Seen Through Hazel Eyes. Get yours at
I'm from NJ. I love shooting anything and everything. I believe the fabric of life is made up of all the wonderful and diverse people, places and dimensions of this world. And that's what I strive to incorporate into my pictures. There is beauty everywhere we go and I hope to be able to capture and share it with everyone as well as enjoy your personal view of your world.
Marlis1 PRO 12 years ago
I am a Swiss-Canadian expat living in Tortosa now. I took very early retirement to be able to spend more time pursuing my hobby: photography.
We live out in the country on a 1/2 ha property with lots of olive, almond and carob trees. You will meet our two cats Moix and Gata (they adopted us) and hear all about what is growing in my garden and in the Els Ports mountains where we spend lots of time hiking.
I am happy to be part of this group. Nice to meet you all.
mari prado Posted 12 years ago. Edited by mari prado (member) 12 years ago
Well, I’m a Brazilian physics student. One day, one year ago, I went for a walk to take a few pictures of blossom trees. It was the first time in my live a took a picture trying to make it look as nice as possible and not just to capture a moment or a bunch of people posing for the camera. After that, I had optics and a microscopy class at college. It made me chat a lot with my boyfriend about lens and stuff. By the way, he is a very good photographer. I decided to learn photography technique because of the physics I studied. So my boyfriend taught me some when we were on vacations and since than I couldn’t stop anymore. My bigger problem is lack of equipment. I “brought back to live” my father’s old Canon AV-1. I lack any digicam nowadays but some times I borrow my boyfriend’s camera (digital and film). It amazes me that I can get the kind of pictures I get at some inspired moments. I finally found something that I’m a little good at, since I can’t draw a line or paint anything. Hope to get more equipment and improve my photography, always!

By the way, here is one of the pictures I took that first time I spoke of in the begning of the post:

Ipê amarelo
RPG - Photography 12 years ago
Hi my name is Neo from Saipan, a place with lots of beaches so you most likely see me posting beach/tropics photos... this will likely change when I moved to new zealand next year.

I just wish we all grow-up to be the best pro around flickr.... so let's help each other by commenting on everyones work.

David.S.L 12 years ago
hi there
i'm 16
and i have only been serious about photography since May of this year.
i got my DSLR 2 months ago and i've been shooting a lot lately

there's more about me in my profile but feel free to check out my pics
and give some comments

jennm926 12 years ago
Hi all!

I'm Jenn and I'm still fairly new to flickr and photography in general. Last month I ourchased a Canon Powershot S2 IS - my first camera that will allow me to do more than just "point & shoot." I've got a lot to learn, but I'mhaving fun trying. :)

I'm happy to see some other amateurs out there - hope to learn a lot from each of you!

I'm 32, married and the "mama" of a bulldog puppy. Stop by and visit me at my photostream if you have time - I love the company, so be sure to say "hi" or something!
danegermouse Posted 12 years ago. Edited by danegermouse (member) 12 years ago
hello everyone

i'm a 23-year old father of one 3 year old boy. i live in brisbane australia and have only recently joined flickr (about a week ago). i shoot with an old canon ae1 program and i'm really into manual controls and creation. i've only really got into photography with vigour over the last couple of months but now that i have built decent kit i've been well and truly bitten by the photography bug.

i enjoy lanscape, experimental and now i'm getting into macro so we'll see how it goes

my photostream at present is a little sparse but i'll be sure to post more soon so check it out

i'm always happy to hear comments, suggestions on my shots so don't be shy :)

artisanz 12 years ago
Hi all, I,m from New Zealand (yes we do have a lot of sheep) I,ve bought myself a DSLR and it's a learning experience, but loving every moment captured on it.
I like many styles of photography, mainly landscapes and some macro.

I,ve learnt so much since joining Flickr, I could sit here all day and look at all these wonderful photos....

'aww I have to go to work again!'
Heather.Rumsey. 12 years ago
Hi! Im new to Flickr and quite honestly Im not too sure what Im doing. haha. Im 17 years old, a senior in highschool and my photography teacher strongly encouraged me to make a Flickr account. I Love photography - I take my camera everywhere and take pictures of just about everything. (as Im sure all of you do the same) But, I just thought Id introduce myself in hopes of possibly meeting some new people and sharing Ideas and photos! Thankss!

benlaw 12 years ago
Hello, I'm new to flickr as well. I really love seeing other people's pictures and sharing my life through photos, if you comment on my pics I promise to comment back doubly. I have a lot of what people might consider garbage pics on my account, but I believe I have a lot of really interesting beautiful shots as well so please take a look. I'm 23 from Queens, New York, but most of my shots are from Hawaii, Vermont and other times when I leave the city.
chivalrous pail [deleted] 7 years ago

I'm an amateur landscape and nature photographer from the South West of England. I love being outdoors in the fresh air and find photography the perfect complement to my lifestyle.

I'm looking forward to sharing my photos with similar photographers in this group. I adore Flickr and find it far too addictive - however I would like more constructive criticism on my photography and to learn from other amateurs ...

moo pa PRO 7 years ago
Hello Miles - You will need to join a group that actively appraises images - You will also have to develop a thick skin but it is well worth it. I have learned a lot (still have so much to learn but it is a start)
Moonlite Media 7 years ago name is Parker and I'm a photography addict! Not nearly as gifted as many of you whose photos continue to inspire me but I revel in the evolution of my own skills. It's nice to meet people who understand what it means to annoy family and friends with constant pauses to get the shot or incessant clicking of the shutter while they try to go about their daily activities. Please feel free to critique and advise.
LiCaLo 7 years ago
Photosamurai basically summed it all up for us! photography is all very new to us & we are still learning'.... allot!
The name LiCaLo is derived from the first 2 letters of our names LIza, CAlah, LOis. Liza is an aspiring artsist & often ends up as the model for the photographs.Follow LiCaLo on FaceBook & check out their latest "iPhoneology" Photographic challenges using an iPhone4. All images are captured and edited by up & coming amateur "Shuttterbug" Calah Thompson. The FaceBook site is used as a platform to share their arstistic expression & view on the world.
J_Crowley Posted 7 years ago. Edited by J_Crowley (member) 7 years ago
I am called Joe, I live in Maine. I have liked photography for many years but not loved it. After a period of personal turbulent weather, I have found photography to be medicine, and take my prescription daily. I now love photography! I am a minimalist and try to push the boundaries of the equipment that I use, and am always looking for tips or critique, I am not vain and do not bite. :)
Reishad Rajab 6 years ago
Hi all, my name is Reishad. I live in Durban, South Africa, and I have been interested in photography for a while, but only recently really started enjoying it. Enjoy the pics, and please feel free to comment. Criticism also well appreciated.
RatonLeoncio 6 years ago
Hey I'm Leo. I'm either in NY or FL depending on the time of year. Hope you enjoy my shots. I'm happy to be in this group I see a lot of great photos!!
troy.jackman 3 years ago
This thread seems kind of dead but i figured I would introduce myself!

My names Troy. I grew up in southern California, lived near Seattle for some time and currently live in the Friuli region of Italy. I try to take my camera(D7100/D5100) with me everywhere. My favorite way to shoot is to go out for a ride and just stop when i see something nice. I got my D5100 about two and a half years ago, it broke(still pending repair), and got my 7100 a few months ago- That is when i decided i wanted to take photography a bit more seriously. I'm hoping to see some awesome shots from this group, find some inspiration and hopefully gain some pointers!
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