laurel_lee 8:23pm, 27 March 2006
since we are all admittedly amateurs, i was just curious as to what everyone else's experience and ability is.

i am very much a novice. i've always had fun taking pictures, but did not consider myself good at it. i found this site, and have really begun to make an effort to take good photos. i would love to take a class or even read a good photography book to help me along. i have found that the more i practice, the better i am. plus, i have also realized that digital is the way to go for me. i can take as many pictures as i want, but only have to keep the ones i like!
*~Jenn~* PRO 12 years ago
I took photography classes my last 2 yrs of high school and that got me hooked on it. That class was all black and white and we took, developed, and printed the pictures ourselves. I'm very biased towards film since I know the whole process. One day I'll save the money for a nice digital and see how that goes. I've always loved taking pictures but didn't get very serious about it until about 5 yrs ago.
Ran_ PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Ran_ (member) 12 years ago
I took some photography back in college. When I completed college I never picked up a camera for the next 11yrs. My wife surprised me one day with my first digital. It took me forever trying to figure the camera out. Once I got the hang of it I became addicted to taking pictures. So it has just been the last couple of years that I have been taking digital. I just love it :):):) I was a member of wunderground for a period of time as well and made many friends there. I was so happy to see so many of them here when I joined.
So much to learn it never stops. Thats the best thing about it for me :)
This my wife Lori :) The person responsible for my addiction :):)
Enjoying Flickr
kristindale 12 years ago
I wouldn't consider myself very good either! I think I'm definatly improving since going digital, I just want to get out more & shoot!
arwriterphotog 12 years ago
ditto to chrysanthemum-mom - - exactly my situation. i also do freelance writing so i want to be able to have photographs to go w/my work. i'm enjoying having some photos printed by themselves for our local newspaper. i only joined in january and have had a lot of support from fellow flickr friends! Hope to learn much, much more from everyone.
Em Thomas Photography 12 years ago
I started taking snapshots around age 7, but didn't get serious about photography as an artform until 3 years ago. My husband's co-worker at the time was an ordained minister and had seen some of my photos, and asked me if I would be interested in doing wedding photography. I jumped at the chance and got myself a business license only to have everything fall through. I was really upset, but learned that I do actually want to persue photography professionally. I started doing a lot of self teaching and finally enrolled in photography classes this past September. It's great fun! :)
starshine2 12 years ago
i have always loved photography, but my pictures never really came out as i saw them. I upgraded to digital, but started with a camera with very limited abilities. I just moved up to a canon rebel, but it is 35mm. so while i am experimenting with all the fancy buttons, i hate waiting for the film to be developed and i have already wasted plenty of film on my experiments. hopefully, i'll get the digital version, but it'll probably be a while!
I also like playing with PS, but my abilities on that are about the same as with the camera.
I am hoping that when i finish my required college courses, i will have a little time to take a few photo and editing courses!
LinnMarr 12 years ago
Well, here I am on my second Sony camera....this one is 5 MP. I am so addicted to this digital world and cannot get enough of it. Hopefully I will improve with time and learn more about photo editing :) This site is so inspiring and is wonderful for new ideas of every facet.
defeated yard [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by defeated yard (member) 12 years ago
My 1st Picture taken with my 1st Camera

I haven't had any schooling in photography. I got my 1st camera when I was 11 and have always loved taking pictures. I got that from my father. He wasn't schooled in it either but just had a 'talent' for it. I was in the Nashua, NH, Camera Club in the 60's and got lots of blue ribbons. But we were a small group. I longed for so many years for an SLR 35mm and finally got one (Cannon AE1 Program) after my daughter was grown. Now I have a digital (Finecam SL400R 4 MP with Kyocera 3X Zoom which isn't all that good). My 1st digital was a Toshiba PDR-M1 1.5 MP x2 zoom (worse zoom) also a macro setting which is better than my newer camera's macro. So I use both cameras. I still like 35mm film photos better but it's too expensive to experiment with it. Now I 'long' for an SLR Digital camera!
_derek 12 years ago
I worked machining/industrial jobs until I went back to college 6 yrs ago. Started at a community college taking core classes( english,history,ect..) when I came across a philosophy class called " apollo and dionysus in your life" it was a 6 credit philosophy class that had an artistic final project, from that final project, which I was not to excited about I prefered the many papers, I discovered that I love making stuff. After that class I concentrated on transfering to Naropa University in Boulder Co. And it was then that I got my first ( and still only digital camera (a dsc-p32) I was hooked. I am saving up for a DSC-H5 Digital Camera
DSC-H5/B, which I hope to get by the end of the year. I take it just about everywhere. I love that you can just snap away.
cowgirlrightup 12 years ago
I have no training at all. Would like to take a course though. For now just love to freeze memories so i have something to look at when i'm too old to do anything else.
Action shots is what i enjoy the most...would love to improve on that!!
Micky** PRO 12 years ago
I have had no training whatsoever. I started scrapbooking a few years ago and thought "these pictures suck". So I started paying more attention to my shots as I took them, now I'm hooked. I would love a better camera, but have to live with the one I have for now.
Vanda's Pictures 12 years ago
I have had no training at all. Until 6 months ago I had no interest in photography at all hadn't picked up a camera (apart from usual family pics) My hubbie AKA Dunsobarky is the really talented photographer in the family and I was sick of constantly saying why dont you take a picture of this and standing behnd him if we were out while he was snapping away. I started taking pictures and uploaded a few on his flickr account and was amazed that I was getting comments - I was hooked! Jim very kindly bought me a fuji F5600 and I am in love with it, I feel myself getting addicted and have just started to use manual mode...I have so much to learn!
jmmncm 12 years ago
I LOVE pictures!!! Most of the time I take good ones on accident :-)

I did take photo in high school. We developed, and processed them ourselves. I was impressed with the way a picture good say so much in such a silent way. I have been addicted ever since. I mostly take pictures of loved ones.

I would like to become better at photo, maybe take a class, but for now I will settle for viewing all of your wonderful pics and adding a few of my own when they accidently find their way into my camera :-)
mssharondawn 12 years ago
The birth of my granddaughter started my interest in photography. She was born in 2000.
No lessons, I've learned tips from others around me...and now I just enjoy taking pictures of everything~
PhotoJoe09 12 years ago
I've been taking photos for three or four years, just everyday photos and stuff. Just this past year I started getting really into it!
mongenfan_66 12 years ago
i have always been the photographer in the family. (that's why i am never in them:-)) they are strictly amateur. my two co-workers just invited me to this website and group and i have been having a ball with it.
Amber... Bamberboo Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Amber... Bamberboo (member) 12 years ago
I have been a serious snap-shotter since I started having kids and more so after I bought my first little digital camera 3 or 4 years ago but I got the bug to learn how to do this right after joining flickr last year...

If I have any good pics in my photostream at the moment, they are total accidents - I have NO idea what I am doing - but the more I practice the accidents get better :)

I am moving in a couple of months and once that is done I plan on taking some photography courses.
Ev Lloyd 12 years ago
Hi guys!
First time poster to the groups (*waves*)
I did photography back in high school, before it closed down, it was the best school in Victoria, Australia for photography.
Since then, havent picked up a camera since..oh...'96!
Now i have a nice camera, and flickr, and i am soooooo addicted, i am by no means good, but i like to think i have a keen eye for "some" shots
Next step is a Photoshop course :)
daily_laffer_pics 12 years ago
As I have stated earlier, I am a rank amateur. No training, no classes, just a developing desire to see what the eye of the camera sees. The more I see; the better I like it. Maybe I can get better; there is certainly room for improvement on my part.
digitalsmoke PRO 12 years ago
I started into photography a little over a year ago.I'm hoping to get better with time and experience as I go.
Between hunting for things to shoot and flickr it has become a very addicting hobby.
Have fun !
regular trip [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by regular trip (member) 12 years ago
I started when I was about 10 years old with a Kodak Ektralight 10. Then I didn't really take any photos again until about 3 years ago (age 33) when my daughter had her preschool "graduation," which I bought a Sony DSC P72 point and shoot for. I took a lot of shots with that camera and actually attempted to get creative some of the time.

Then, about a month ago, I took the plunge into digital SLR with the purchase of my Canon EOS 350d (Rebel XT), rediscovered flickr and have been absolutely addicted to photography ever since.

I'm learning new things daily and trying really hard to be using manual settings for all of my photos now so I learn from my mistakes. I have also learned a great deal from the awesome people on flickr.

Great to be here and I look forward to checking out a bunch of your photos!
agate50 12 years ago
My mother was a professional photographer and photo journalist long ago; my sister is a professional photographer, and I have no artistic talent at all. But I can point and shoot, and that's what I've started doing. I just discovered flickr recently, and it gives me a great forum to display, to look and appreciate, and to learn.
mschelly02 12 years ago
I have taken one photography class as an elective in college...but that was B&W 35mm was great and I learned alot, but I don't have the time or money to develop my own photos and I would never dream of allowing a generic lab touch my negatives because they ruin them every time.

I get my love for photography from my dad, he was always behind a camera and he has a great eye!
DDelicious 12 years ago
i took a photography course during the last year of high school, which was useless cuz the teacher was a prick, i had to learn everything from the classmates! but i fell in love with photography then. anyway, after high school i continued taking photos for fun with a Sony DSC-P92 for two years til i got the Nikon D50 a couple weeks ago!
David.S.L 12 years ago
my dad has been into this ever since 1990( the year i was borned) but he was never serious about it. however, we've got some of his equipement in the house and i guess and some what a bit influenced by that. but i didn't really get all crazy about it until 3 months agao=D

before that, i didn't really pay any attention to this at all

but i've always been attending art classes ever seince i was 5 and won couple awards so i guess that kinda helps me=)
familiar watch [deleted] 12 years ago
I always took snaps of the family, and places we visited. Recently, I began to take classes at the Learning Exchange here in Sacramento. I still take snaps of the family, but I carry a camera with me at all times. I take my hobby seriously, and make time to shoot with purpose.

I also realize that looking, and commenting on others photographs inspires me to do better. The comments I receive provides the feedback I need to grow also. Flickr sites are great for this purpose.
My tools include a D70 Nikon, and a A610 Canon. I started with a Sony CD a few years back and now plan to bring my 9 year old grandson along for some of my photo shoots. Can't seem to interest my husband.
birdtoes 12 years ago
I only started taking pictures about three or four months ago, when I got my first digital camera, a Fuji Finepix A500, so I'm brand new at all this. I originally got the camera to take pictures of my pet rats, but a friend introduced me to Flickr and my interest in photography started growing and broadening. I'm now taking pictures of more things, learning how to tweak and enhance photos in Paint Shop Pro, and have become a bona fide Flickr addict. :) I hope to keep learning more and more and more about photography.
patries71 PRO 12 years ago
I`m an absolute beginner, have been taking pictures on a more serious basis since two months. I really am still getting to know my camera. meanwhile, i`m having tremendous fun with it!
Nanaki Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Nanaki (member) 12 years ago
I'm an eager learner and like to read books (and online) about photography. My mother is a journalist, so I've grown up with cameras around me, and the last 6-7 years I've played around alot. The last couple of years I've spent more time on learning more (as in just point and clicking) and I consider myself as a happy amateur who gets lucky ocationally. I also love working with post production, as there are SO many cool things you can do with the pictures after you come home with the memory card!

(this is a pic taken by a friend of mine, and that's how I look a lot.)
Mizz Amontillado 12 years ago
I have no training in photography, nor have I read any material on photography apart from my camera's manual and a few tips here and there. I am interested in taking classes and learning about the more technical side of photography.... I also try to mess around with photoshop from time to time.
pudaniel PRO 12 years ago
I have no training in photography. I started taking digital photos in my mid 50s. My raw photographic skills are very poor. I shoot what I fell looks nice or interesting. I take several shots at different angles and different distances. I cannot see very well in the LCD or the viewfinder (poor eyesight and old), so I just try and keep the subject in the screen. I use Paint Shop PRO as a Photo editing tool to pick the best shots and crop them and try and make them more pleasing to the eye. Some photographers shun photo-shopping at any level. I have to take what I get. The Lord provides all my subjects and all I hope to do is capture a few well enough that He is Glorified. Any artistic skills that I have, have been obtain by God through my mother who was an artist and died when I was 6 years old.
RPG - Photography 12 years ago
I'm totally new to photography, just started a while ago when i purchased my sony alpha A100k at ebay.... i'm now addicted to this stuff and hope someday i will be at the caliber of some great photographer here on flicker... i also enrolled now ay NYIP on their complete professional photography course, the course is great and i think i will be prof in no time...(hopefully)... and of course through the advice of new friends here, i would be glad if somebody will comment on my work so that i can improve my thing.

lets stick together guys.

Olga Gerrard 11 years ago
Hello - and thank you for this group. I am completely novice with photography, but have spent a lifetime as a designer. Recently, I was given a digital camera and have fallen in love with the whole magic of photography. It can be so much more than point and shoot, and I am thrilled each time I take a look at something with the perspective of it becoming a photograph. I've enjoyed playing with my camera, settings, light, swirling and blurring, and am amazed by some of the happy accidents, but really hope to learn how to manifest intentional, thoughtful results. Looking at others work here on Flickr has been a great inspiration. Glad to be here.
hokielover01 PRO 11 years ago
Boy, have I erjoyed the comments y'all have made. As for me, I'm pushing 70 with a bum leg but still enjoy photography. I started taking pictures with my grandad's Kodak Brownie when I was about 10.

Got an Argus 35 mm when in High School and shot most of the pics for the school yearbook. Went to Marshall College (now Marshall University) to major in journalism and had a class in photograpy. (Back then,everyone used Speed Graphics, flim holders and flash blubs. )

Went to work as a reporter for a weekly in Southwest Virginia and had to take my own pictures. Later moved on to daily papers where I took pictures with both the Speed Graphic and a 35 mm. I had to take shots of everything from dead bodies to birthday parties.

Retired as editor of a weekly six yearts ago and learned fast that photojournalism and art photography are two different animals. Got my first digital camera about two years ago and am still learning how to take good pictures. Flickr helps me a lot. Just like having
a photgraphy class in your den.

Again, thanks for all the comments.I'm old but I still have enough strength to push the shutter button.

Chinese proverb: The most important part of any camera is the nut behind the viewfinder....
SofiaWalker 11 years ago
i am an absolute beginner, i got my first digital camera as a gift from my husband on my birthday couple of months ago and about to start some basic digital photography classes. I love taking photos and learning to take good ones:)
mrymerry 11 years ago
I am also a complete beginner. My first camera was a little Kodak Instamatic when I was about 9. When I travelled to Sna Franciso at age 10 with my Grandparents & saw some of the photos I took at The Japanese Tea Gardens in California, I started taking more photos. Since then I have had whatever camera I could with me in my purse. I even had my camera with me on the field during my high school graduation!

In in March of 2006 my husband gave me a Kodak Z7590 for our wedding anniversary. My first digital camera & since then I have been snap happy. I have no training at all. I just shoot what pleases my eyes. It's only been about 2 months since I began reading a book on photography & have become interested in taking better photos.
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