Vr or vrt

tightfisted snails [deleted] 10:15pm, 13 November 2008
The bristol vr or vrt which was the best one the vr was slightly different from the vrt and i would like to hear views on both types of vehicles and still dont look out of place to day on the road if any still are
Cambus741 PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Cambus741 (member) 7 years ago
I'm still not sure if I'm better off labelling them as VRs or VRTs in my photos. I realise most people refer to them as VRs but the pedant in me still wants to label them as VRTs
ɹnoɯɹɐdsıɹɔ 7 years ago
The point is, it doesn't really matter. There were so few VRLs that most of the time VR and VRT means the same thing.
prusarn 6 years ago
At the depot's, I only ever heard them referred to as VR's. On the other hand, the Nationals were always referred to as Leylands.
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