Boxley 6:57pm, 27 May 2008
I was delighted to find this pool - I was on the point of starting one myself!

Other Bristol/ECW combinations are welcome at
tightfisted snails [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tightfisted snails (member) 10 years ago
from ray its surprising the different types that were in fact built the vr and vrt were always pleasing to see on the road and in service or taking a ride on one please see my photo site on fhoto pic I have a number of views on that site same E male address from ray
tightfisted snails [deleted] 10 years ago
from Ray yes I agree they were always popping up and I am still finding the odd photo from my photos that were not clear at the time they were VR which was the other type and could be mistaken for not being vrts which wilts and dorset had if you see some of the older views regards ray
Sou'wester PRO 10 years ago
And of course non-ECW VRTs (and other Bristols) are welcome here:
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