rodbotic 1:15am, 18 February 2009
Where: Life Sciences Building, Fairview Agronomy Rd by Westbrook mall(this intersection has 3 roads at it, that and I live on Fairview, I assumed it had the same name)
when: Saturday FEB 21 1pm to 5pm ish.

there is free parking close(assuming it's not full) along NW marine on east side of the Road. if you want to pay for parking there is parking Directly in front of the building.

if anyone is Carpooling let me know the Car with the most people, I will give my Vistors pass for free parking.
if you taking transit. the bus stop is just a few blocks north of the building.

the google map

this event is going to be Real Casual. I will cover some quick basic how tos, I will have printed off a bunch of Strobist assignments to reference and lets play with some gear.

I turned down the option of bringing in Models due to the fact, this would quickly become about the models and not about learning to light. we can be our own models.

what to bring/do before hand:
- your gear.
- a pad of paper if you want to take notes or draw setups.
- if you got batteries make sure your batteries are charged.
rodbotic Posted 9 years ago. Edited by rodbotic (member) 9 years ago
oh, and if your driving from far. say the valley. the easiest way to get there is to get on HWY 1,where you usually would.
get off at Granview HWY,
GO STRAIGHT( the road name changes to 12th),
keep going straight( the road name changes to 10th),
go straight( the road name changes to Univercity BLVD),

turn left onto westbrook mall.
after you pass the hospital Agronomy Rd is on the right.
Alan Bailward 9 years ago
If anyone is coming out from the Chilliwack/Mission/Abbotsford/Maple Ridge area, let me know. I'm in Mission and wouldn't mind carpooling in if people want to save some gas.
pauluminous 9 years ago
Any1 going from downtown, west end, north van (lions gate) by car?
Living just at Denman@Robson.
Hopefully my car'll be fixed by then (any1 got an 97 explorer alternator lying around? ;D) if not I would love to get a ride and if by some miracle it does get fixed I'll be happy to share the ride.
camera_bug [deleted] 9 years ago
Rod, how much does the pay parking cost? trying to justify not carrying all the gear from Marine Dr.

BTW: will be coming from Broadway/Boundary area if anyone needs a ride. However, I need to leave at approx 4:45 to 5pm.

rodbotic 9 years ago
I will find out later today. I need to walk to the postal outlet anyways.
sammysamsam21 9 years ago
Hello all,
The doors to the building will be locked, so I will need to let you all in. If you can come to the door on Health Sciences Mall (the other side of the building to Wesbrook Mall) at 1, that would be great. Otherwise you might get stuck outside!
Here is a map:
The security guards in my building enjoy their jobs a little bit too much, so don't be surprised if you get approached and aksed what you're doing there. I have permission to use the building, and I have given the building admin a list of your names to pass on to security, so in theory, all should go smoothly.
See you tomorrow,
pauluminous 9 years ago
K, car's fixed :D
Any1 wants a ride anywhere between Denman@Robson and UBC hit me through flickr mail *with phone number!* I'll confirm Saturday morning before 10ish with a text!
@Rod any info on the parking costs?
PhotographybyAlanna 9 years ago
Hey Rod I am coming but late as we talked about a while back... how am I going to get in if the door is locked.. do you have a cell # you could pm me so I'd be sure to reach you once I arrive... around 2ish?
rodbotic 9 years ago
yah it's wierd that close.

$5 flat rate out front,
but the parkade has buy 1.5/hr to a max of $4
which is just beside it.
rodbotic 9 years ago
there is alot of Glass windows around that building that attach to the main open areas Knocking on the glass will do fine too.
PhotographybyAlanna 9 years ago
Thank you sooooooooooooooo much Rod! It finally makes sense! Both you and Victor have totally made my day! I really appreciated the help! Thanks for putting this on!
camera_bug [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by camera_bug (member) 9 years ago
Here's a group who first started with the main light; then they added a fill light and here they added a rim light.

Vancouver Strobist Beginners Meet
Alan Bailward 9 years ago
My my, who is that handsome model you're using!! :)

Thanks for the shot, and thanks to Rod for setting it all up, I had a great time, looking forward to going through my shots when my eyes can stay open a bit better! As Rod said, it's way better to get your hands on the gear, which it definitely was. Was much better to actually do some manhandling of tripods than just reading about it. My biggest problem was thinking of what setup to try! Need to start trolling for ideas through the fashion mags :)

BTW, the illuminate Yaletown thing wasn't too bad, about 30 different displays of everything from fire dancers to projected light on the walls. There's a flickr group up at (though it doesn't seem to have anything visible). I'll post anything good that comes out from there though.


danshugar 9 years ago
What a great time at UBC on Saturday. Thanks so much Rod for putting this together! I learned a lot and will be ordering some Alien Bees Cybersyncs soon. Anyway, I posted a couple of pics to the group's pool.
Cheers, Dan
DHS-022109-Vancouver-IMG_2830 by danshugar

DHS-022109-Vancouver-IMG_2819 by danshugar
giltography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by giltography (member) 9 years ago
Vancouver Strobist Beginners Meetup by giltography

Vancouver Strobist Beginners Meetup by giltography

My first meetup with Vancouver Strobist. I can't hardly wait for the next one. Rod, it was nice to meet you and thank you for setting this excellent meetup. Victor, like always it was nice to see you again. Sorry I don't have any flash to sell you Thank you for all the tips and your help.


camera_bug [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by camera_bug (member) 9 years ago
Gil, you guys were just having too much fun. Cant wait to see the ones you guys shot between the lockers with the blue gel and with the red gel.
Alan Bailward 9 years ago
A few from me to the pool. Dan ended up being my main victim for modelling, my fav shot is below, single umbrella flash on left:

Dan 3 by Alan Bailward

The guy in the music shirt (sorry I never got your name!) in a crosslighting experiment:

Music 1 by Alan Bailward

Group shot of the folks at the doors end of the hallway as we mucked around.

Vancouver Strobist Group 1 by Alan Bailward

A few others in my stream. Any notes of people, or corrections in my lighting info greatly appreciated!!
JKirkby 9 years ago
Here's a couple that I grabbed from the shoot. Many thanks to Rod, Gil, and Victor for helping with the shoot. I really hope to get together another time do some more shooting. If anyone wants to get together or has ideas for another shoot I'm always game.

This is from the small lockers hallway off to the side of the main hallway.

This is the multi-coloured gel experiment in the main hallway.

This is the mysterious newspaper reader who has a glowing red paper for some reason.
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