50d error 50???

m42-lens 6:32am, 14 September 2010
just fixed the error 50
Faysal Akbik PRO 7 years ago
Error 50:

Malfunctions related to the electric control have been detected.
m42-lens 7 years ago
do you have any idea how to fix this error? what electronic part needed to be replace? thanks
m42-lens 7 years ago
I'm guessing its the AC/DC converter. I opened up the camera and my conclusion is the ac/dc conveter.
Saved_81 7 years ago
Email the canon support guys.
Joan Romañá PRO 7 years ago
It's a common error related to the shuter. You must to send to Canon.
nelle_belle_e 7 years ago
Dear Iam25:

I'm having the same error 50 on my 50D. I'm very interested in hearing how you solved your error.

Thanks so much,

nelle_belle_e 7 years ago
Well, that problem was simple to solve.

I can't believe all I've read on this site and other online sites about the error 50 code.

I decided to call Canon. Simple. They told me to clean all contacts on all batteries and lenses and camera with a clean eraser head. That's it. Problem solved.
astrayalien PRO 7 years ago
I was getting this error when I was using a third party battery grip. After removing the grip, I have not had the error. So, that supports contacts idea as stated by Canon.
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