Star Trek Into Darkness: 12:38am, 20 August 2013
Star Trek Into Darkness: Is It Really The Worst Star Trek Movie Ever?

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"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" (1982) is a perfect movie. As an action-adventure, it's "Moby Dick" in space by way of "Run Silent, Run Deep." It was a deeply personal revenge story, since Khan had it in for Kirk for 15 years after Kirk banished his people to a hostile planet that caused the death of his beloved wife. So when Kirk and Khan see each other for the first time in 15 years (after the hijacked Starship Reliant's surprise attack on the Enterprise), all those feelings of rage came to a boiling point.

Star Trek Into Darkness:
I still think the film worked on its own terms, but I would have preferred a completely original story. The reason is that the filmmakers did a rather brilliant job with the 2009 movie by setting it in an alternate timeline, which freed them from the restraints of staying confined to the 45-year-old "Trek" chronology. They could have gone their own way, and they should have. The sky was no longer the limit, and they missed a golden opportunity to make this all-new "Star Trek" their own. (And I have to admit, I did CRINGE when Spock yelled "Khan!" Nothing compares to the way Shatner did it in 1982, which is now a staple of pop culture.)

Paramount had a major goal with these last two movies: to make "Star Trek" movies that even non-Trek fans will enjoy. On that level, they succeeded big time. The 2009 movie was the highest-grossing "Trek" domestically, and the 2013 movie finally made a dent at the overseas box office (something that eluded every single "Trek" movie before it). I've heard from many non-Trekkers who LOVED these last two movies, and I've heard from a LOT of Trekkers who hated "Into Darkness."

Yes, I had issues with "Into Darkness," and I didn't like the excessive profanity used in the film! What's the deal with Hollywood; why is it so- feminist or degenerate, consistently using derogatory words & constant violence towards Men instead of Women??. I HATED "Star Trek Into Darkness", but I LOVED "Star Trek" 2009. And I look forward to watching a new "Star Trek: Red Squad" series, coming to television in 2014.

"Star Trek: Continuum" -Next 'Star Trek' sequel: Based on the New STAR TREK novel:


Featuring an new Star Trek comic book series, published on by famed Book Author, Christian TV Evangelist, Movie Actor, & Reality TV Show Star: Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles, Jr., a.k.a.- Infamous Impact/Malibu Comics Writer - Victor "The Iceman" Beckles (Appearing in upcoming STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE movie). And Current Author of the New STAR TREK novel:


Begins with a new scfi saga, featuring Spock after his Time Traveling Adventure (inspired by the 2009 "Star Trek" Movie). A new adventure begins for Spock after he learns that his Vulcan friend & fellow scientist; Motock, takes his Time Traveling Invention and duplicates Spock's misadventure into the future to escape Nero's wrath, for the accidental destruction of his home Planet Romulus. To prevent and undo the destruction of Planet Vulcan, and the loss of his family; Motock devices a plan to go back in Time, not only to prevent the destruction of his home World & save his love ones, but to save Spock's family too (knowing that Spock has a long lost son, that he doesn't know about), when Spock discovers what Motock plans to do, he becomes conflicted; with a decision to either stop Motock or help him save both of their families! Later Spock decides to do the latter, motivated to save his beloved parents, find his son, and rescue his best friend; Captain James T. Kirk & his son David, from being killed -preventing their death years ago!
"Star Trek: Prodigy" (a.k.a. Star Trek: The Continuum SAGA PART 2):
Ambassador Spock, learns from Motock & Star Fleet Command that he does have a Son (based on the original Star Trek '60s episode where Kirk & the crew learn of Spock's marriage to a Vulcan wife). Motock is her brother, and before Spock left his home over 30 years ago, she revealed to her brother after Spock & her annulled their marriage, that prior to their divorce, she & Spock had sexual relations, and a few months after he left Vulcan, did she discover that she was pregnant with Spock's son! Motock urged his sister to tell Spock, but she refused, swearing him to secrecy until Spock's son grew into manhood. She named the boy; Davok, a vowed to keep his existence a secret fro his father.
Motock decides to tell Spock, while he is assigned to a covert Starfleet mission to save the Planet Romulus, but Spock's progress backfires (secretly sabotaged by Motock), and he develops a ruthless enemy -The Romulan warrior named Nero, and Spock is now forced into a new mission to Time Travel into the Past, Present, & future to save all of his friends & family from being destroyed by Nero's revenge!
Along the way, Spock learns of the identity of his son Davok, who is grown up and like his father; is a Starship Commander & Science Officer under the Ship Command of Captain George Robusious Reeves (who is also his best friend), on board the U.S.S. Ariel. Captain Reeves & his crew are also assigned to monitor Spock's mission to rescue Planet Vulcan (unknown to Davok that he is the son of Ambassador Spock).

(Inspired by events from the Star Trek '09 movie saga). Which continues in the 2013 Star Trek II movie sequel):
Where Spock discovers a elemental time traveling liquid device, invented by Motock to travel back in time and alter the future to save all of Vulcan, their families & friends (bringing back James T. Kirk, preventing the murder of his son David, and along the way reconnect Spock with his son Davok)!
Spock assumes Motock's ambitions to not only save lives from being destroyed by Nero, but plans to alter the destiny of all of his friends on board the U.S.S. Enterprise, so they can relive their lives over again, preventing their deaths in the future. Out of his loyal friendship them, and see his best friend; Captain Kirk again, and to spare him the lost of his son, and seek forgiveness from own for not being a father to Davok, when he needed him. Spock is reminded & haunted by his father -Sarek's own shortcomings and failures as a father!
(During this epic saga) Spock commits to Time traveling to undo all of the tragic events that have deeply affected his life (loss of knowing his son), and loss of his beloved friendships with Kirk & the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, inspite of his Vulcan-half to not feel any emotion, Spock now desires to formally meet his Son Davok, and especially bring back to the Present; his long-time best friend Captain Kirk, and together find a way to bring back Kirk's son David, by going back in time and preventing his death at hands of a Klingon!

(To find out more! Read the upcoming new Star Trek novel):


PUBLISHER: ZACHERY LEE (The Son of Famed Marvel Comics Creator; STAN LEE)...

Book Author: Dr. Franklyn Victor Beckles Jr.
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