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Group Description

The Life Aquatic group is a tribute to ocean life and marine biology. Marine Biology is the scientific study of animals, plants and other organisms that live in or near the ocean and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands. One of the most important reasons for the study of sea life is simply to understand and preserve the world we live in.

About 71% of the surface of our ocean planet is covered by salt water. The average ocean depth is 3.8 km with a volume of about 1,370 x 106 km3 (equal to a 1 mile square column of ocean water over 300 million miles high which is about 1,376 times the distance to the moon, 3.5 times the distance to the Sun, and 2.3 times the distance to Mars). Since life exists throughout this truly immense volume, the ocean constitutes the single largest (>90%) repository of organisms on the planet. These organisms include members of virtually all phyla and are tremendously varied.

The ocean gives us life. It gives us about half our oxygen, the rain, and half our food. It is our true inner space. The ocean buffers the weather and regulates global temperature, manages vast amounts of our pollutants, contains the most amazing creatures in this solar system, and supports all life on our planet.

The Life Aquatic Group welcomes pictures of, but not limited to, Amphibians, Annelids, Abalone, Anemones, Aquariums, Aquatic plants, Birds, Bryozoans, Chambered Nautilus, Cnidaria, Coral Reefs, Crustaceans, Coelenterates, Ctenophores, Fish,Fresh water fish, Jellyfish, Marine Mammals, Mollusks, Octopi, Reptiles, Sea snakes, Sea squirts, Sea turtles, Sharks, Sponges, Squid, Starfish, Tunicates.......etc

Thanks for posting - Dr. Gav

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