komisarr 6:35pm, 10 April 2012
Does anyone have much experience making the rigging cables that run between the two levels of wings on biplanes? I'm building a kit of a Supermarine Walrus II and the pictures clearly show these cables, but the kit doesn't include them. I want to put them in, using some kind of thread, but have never done this before, so any tips would be greatly appreciated!
cameraman1944 PRO 5 years ago
You have a few options for adding rigging to a bi-plane.
You can use stretched sprue. (plastic sprue heated over a candle and stretched) or fine nylon fishing. Whichever option you use a liitle bit of skill is needed.
komisarr 5 years ago
Thanks for the reply!
This was a while ago, I ended up using black sewing thread and sort of lacing it between the wing structure. Not show quality results, but good learning experience. Nylon thread would probably have been better. Here's how it came out:
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