HanzRaudge 12:41am, 2 January 2008
Does anyone know how such fine detailled liveries are painted/stamped on these models, and models of such detail made by other manufacturers? Surely they are not decals! I believe it's Laser-painted...but what's the process and it's exact name? I'd like to learn more about it.
DELAPPROACH 10 years ago
Yep these models are manufactured in China. I guess the following links should help:-



Scroll down and you shall find the pics of the chinese women actually workin on the models.

RunwayModels 9 years ago
Hello Hanz...

The process is called "Tampo printing"...done by computer. Most of the manufacturers are in China. Aeroclassics, Gemini Jets, Jet-X, Dragon Wings, etc...


Ted :)
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