groovy plate [deleted] 11:45am, 30 December 2009
why don't more demales have a flattop done
peaceful direction [deleted] 12 years ago
I suspect most females are concerned they would look too "butch". The very few female flattops I have seen look fantastic and young women can often have the perfect face to carry off this haircut.
tattoogene 10 years ago
Many women would look better with a flattop !
I hated the idea at first. My boy friend insisted and after a particularly wild party he cut my hair all off ! Except for the very top and he cut that very pecisely flat ans very short!
I could murder him, but it turned him on tremendously and THAT I enjoyed !
Now I am getting used to it. I'm getting many looks mainly from men, but I am sure they like it !!
I am petite and very feminine, and feel much sexier now !
But now my boy friens wants me to get some tattoos....
That scares me though...!!
claucabelos 10 years ago
I would like to cut the hair or to scrape the nape of the neck of a woman. They forgive my English therefore I am of the Brazil They send email for
Flattop2004 10 years ago
If you please, I want pics models of very short flattop haircuts for me and my wife.

Short haircuts women 9 years ago
I like women with flattop haircut,is a strong look but this is not for all women,I desire to see more women with this severe haircut,is better on pretty girls and cute faces and the nape very short is beautiful and sexi.I love to watch women in a barbershop chair cutting her hair in a flattop high and tight from barberette,
jeneisele26 9 years ago
I want to get a flat top just gotta find someone who could do it I live in Montana
chuck_duty 9 years ago
any ladies in north maryland or delaware in this group?
jeneisele26 9 years ago
How would I look with one
peaceful direction [deleted] 9 years ago
jeneisele26, you should try a flat top and see how it looks and you feel. The two go together; if you feel good with a flat top, it will look good on you. And it will grow out! As for where to get one - go to a barbers. A good barber will know how to do a flat top. My girlfriend gets her hair cut at the barbers all the time and she has no problem getting the cut she wants.
svenja3bald 6 years ago
p prefer flat tops too. i did wear this haircut several times, but right now i'm bald like an egg
elokpeb 5 years ago
I think it was last year that I spotted a young lady with a nicely cut flattop in the mall. I tried to follow her to take a good look, but lost her in the crowd.
Just last week I saw her again in the bank. She still had that wonderful haircut ! I wanted to ask her about it, but lacked the nerve.
I followed her though, without having done the banking I had come for...!
And she went to a fancy restaurant for lunch.
I kept a discrete distance and ate an expensive lunch too !
She lit a cigaret after eating her lunch and ordered another coffee.
I got all my nerve up and approached her.
I apologized and told her I admired her haircut and that I had seen her last year in the mall already !
She turned out to be very pleasant and invited me to sit down !
She thanked me for my compliment and wanted to know why I was so interested.
My reply was somewhat mixed up, as I had not expected any questions from her side ! I told her that I didn't know either, but that I had been fascinated with such a fantastic haircut ever since I was a kid !
Then she told me that it had been a huge decision for her too ! She was the kept woman of a rich man, who had the same ideas as I !
She now enjoyed an unlimited budget, drove nice sportscar and had her own apartement to live in.
We had a nice conversation and she admitted that one thing bothered her the most, in that she was quite lonesome. Somehow she had lost most of her friends !
She would like to meet me again, as she thought me a 'nice boy' ! !
We were going to meet again and she asked me for my phone number, but refused to give me hers !
Damn, am I falling for that chick ?
Call me "Nutsy" !
elokpeb 5 years ago
Here I am again: "Nutsy".
The young lady with the flattop called me one day and we made an appointment in a motel...
She claims to be called Iliqui... We had a long convesation and she undressed for me, of course under condition that I did too.
Soon we were inspecting each other. She was totally smooth in het crotch, not one hair ! I It was all electronically removed, permanently ! found that I liked that too and i grew to my maximum size ! She played with it and I told her that I had a hard time holding me in. She smiled sweetly and told me to take a break. We had a drink but soon were at each others bodies again. The fascinating shaved brushcut on her head was a great turn on ! When I finally dared to touch it I exploded deep inside her.
We discussd many things and one was that her owner wanted to have her tattooed, and she didn't like that.
It was so identifying she said...
Personally I like women with tattoos and I said so...
We made a tentative date for two weeks later.
very_short_hair 5 years ago

sounds awesome !!
elokpeb 5 years ago
I am jealous ! I wish I could find a lady with a flattop, who might even get trattooed ! Very exciting.
Nutsy you are damn lucky !
The idea of tattooing is great, hope she'll have it done in your presence !
Let us know how this story ends.
stylexxs 4 years ago
A flattop can be such a stylish and sexy haircut for a woman of any age. As a barber I am often asked to cut ladies' hair and if I can see that the lady in question would suit a very short haircut I often suggest a flattop.
tattoogene 4 years ago
A flattop on a woman makes me horny ! I don't know why and I never asked why. I am just stating a fact ! I guess nature made me so.
Any girls who like to react to this ?
charlesbrown430 3 years ago
Her owner wanted to get her tattooed to show ownership of her?
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