stormlover2007 4:50pm, 26 December 2007
One photo per person medium sized. Show us how beautiful insects really are!!
stormlover2007 10 years ago
A rove beetle.

ProDigi Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ProDigi (member) 10 years ago
Nice capture! Btw, thanks for posting my caterpillar picture on the group's main page. Here it is with a link to the large size just bellow the picture:
small caterpillar #1
Gladstone Taylor 10 years ago
Backyard Safari
Blue Adept 10 years ago
Damselfly Redhead
Morpho peleides
Jacques van Zuydam 10 years ago
Golden Orb Spider
HanaHoudkova 10 years ago
Contemplando el atardecer
La-Petite Posted 10 years ago. Edited by La-Petite (member) 10 years ago
A grasshoper

pondman2 PRO 10 years ago
 Monarch Caterpillar  4
Tsuyu ^^ 10 years ago
moon spider 3
Larah McElroy PRO 10 years ago
Robber Fly
marcovega 10 years ago
One = Colony
Dixie Native PRO 10 years ago
little boy blue number two
jumping_spider 7
ok so it's a spider not an insect .. !!!
cudabass007 10 years ago
ladybird ladybird fly away home
monarch caterpillar at bridge
jccphotos PRO 9 years ago
Abeille au travail ; Bee in the work
Wood Worm
Dialed-in! PRO 9 years ago
Extreme Black Bumble Bee Portrait 10x Macro
Mario Martins 9 years ago
Enio Branco 9 years ago
[Vespa Parasita ( Ampulex compressa )]
YvesGe 8 years ago
An ambush bug in action.
jeans_Photos PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by jeans_Photos (member) 8 years ago
Black lacewing - Stilbopteryx napoleo

Black lacewing from Western Australia. More angles with this photo.
Volkan Donbaloğlu 8 years ago
Mantispa styriaca by Volkan Donbaloğlu
tjameswolf 8 years ago
I belive this is my best Insect Picture []
jerry heiss PRO 7 years ago
"Double Exposure" AKA "Who is that Pretty Girl in the Mirror There?"

double exposure
Oreo Cakester 6 years ago
An interesting Caterpillar by Oreo Cakester
Azaad Shatru 6 years ago
Dragon Fly

jjantak [deleted] 6 years ago

speech path girl PRO 6 years ago
I have several I'm rather proud of, but if I have to pick just one... I guess I'll go with this one.
billdroadrunner1 PRO 6 years ago
Polistes annularis my favorite of all paper wasps.
MShoey1 6 years ago
Northern Brown Argus Butterfly
flowers229 6 years ago
Life is a miracle
m_innit 6 years ago
Cimbex femoratus, birch sawfly larva:

Cimbex femoratus, birch sawfly larva
lookingouthere 6 years ago
Love @ First Sight
monelly2011 PRO 6 years ago
hover fly
medusaidrofoba 6 years ago
Master_Cee 6 years ago
Libelle by Master_Cee
CalumD138 PRO 6 years ago
Draggy with a macro lens :o)
rospix Posted 6 years ago. Edited by rospix (member) 6 years ago
macro lunch by rospix
Liya Mirzaeva 6 years ago
autumn cold days
Liya Mirzaeva 6 years ago
Snail love
ShawnFlowers [deleted] 6 years ago
Jujo5965 5 years ago
grass hopper
Dream Source Studio 5 years ago
Apache Skipper (?)
40nestorave PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by 40nestorave (member) 5 years ago
St Andrew's Cross spider
danielkan 5 years ago
Dark-winged Fungus Gnats
DigitalCanvas72 5 years ago
Cave Crickets
tommckibbin 5 years ago
Blue Adept:

Amazing shot
tommckibbin 5 years ago

tommckibbin 5 years ago

Marvellous shot.
tommckibbin 5 years ago

Great shot.
tommckibbin 5 years ago
Liya Mirzaeva:

Fantastic shot.
tommckibbin 5 years ago

Brilliant shot.
tommckibbin 5 years ago

Wow, superb.
tommckibbin 5 years ago
speech path girl:

Amazing, so colourful.
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