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kingdom_seeker 7:08am, 29 April 2006
The series HEE Haw was mentioned another thread. What 60's show inpired Hee Haw? (Hint: it wasn't Green Acres)
Ingrid! PRO 12 years ago
Beverly Hillbillies?
Todd Ehlers 12 years ago
matuko amini PRO 12 years ago
iawildflwr PRO 12 years ago
I'll guess Laugh-In too!
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
Hee Haw was the idea of Buck Owens and George Lindsey(Goober Pyle) inspired by characters from The Andy Griffth Show. Inspiring charachters include Floyd the barber, Otis the drunk, Cletus Tee, and the hillbilly family.(I don't recal their name)

Other interesting Andy Griffth Show tidbits. Andy's character first appeared on the Danny Thomas Show as he gave Danny Thomas a ticket passing through Mayberry. Andy was a teacher before becoming an actor.
King Power Cinema Posted 12 years ago. Edited by King Power Cinema (member) 12 years ago
The Darlings were the hillbilly family on AG. Astute observers will note that Denver Pyle is Briscoe Darling, later to be known as Uncle Jesse, an almost identical character but a completely different show.
Todd Ehlers 12 years ago
Fun thread! We should do this more often, but as separate topics.
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Ok here is one, Not as hard as the last. But I will have to think up some more.
What show was Happy Days A spin off?
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
I'm going to guess Ozzie and Harriet
King Power Cinema 12 years ago
Joanie Loves Chachie

Mork and Mindy
King Power Cinema 12 years ago
Maybe moreso Joanie Loves Chachie.

One episode of Happy Days was more of a M&M pilot.
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
Mybe I misread I thought the question was what show was Happy Days a spin off from. Spin offs from Happy Days would include Laverne and Shirly, Mork and Mindy and Joanie Loves Chachi
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Yes, those are all spin off's but Happy Days itself was a spinoff of another show?
iawildflwr PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by iawildflwr (member) 12 years ago
Laverne and Shirley?
...oh wait! Laverne and Shirley might have been a spin-off of Happy Days!
matuko amini PRO 12 years ago
it wasn't an actual spin-off from a tv show...i believe it was an idea that came from the movie american graffitii
King Power Cinema Posted 12 years ago. Edited by King Power Cinema (member) 12 years ago
I misread the question as well.

Maybe "Love American Style".

I think I've heard that somewhere. Nickelodeon used to show that for a while.
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Yep, That's Right.
Love American Style.
Episode 70
Love and the Happy Days
iawildflwr PRO 12 years ago
Loved the trivia. Quiz us some more!!
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
I'll do one more then give somone else a chance. What change was made to the theme song of Gilligan's Island after the first season?
King Power Cinema 12 years ago
...and the rest,
...the Professor and Mary Ann!

(I always heard it as The Professor Ann, Mary Ann...)
Ingrid! PRO 12 years ago
Love american style was the BEST! On Fridays nights at 10, I never missed it.
kingdom_seeker 12 years ago
Here's some more tv trivia. It might be too easy but....What 70's series had 5 spinoffs? At least two of them had spinoffs of their own. Also who can name the spinoffs?
King Power Cinema 12 years ago
WIthout doing research, I'm thinking All in the Family.

I didn't watch it very much but I know that it spawned:

Archies' Place
The Jeffersons
was Maude associated with it?
Maybe one to do with Gloria

Also I'm looking at the Love Boat conglomerate.
OldDogNewTrick PRO 12 years ago
Some of the programs I enjoyed most were the ones I watched first.

The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason and Art Carney ran only 39 episodes, but was extremely funny. This show came on shortly after we got our first TV.

Famous tagline: "You wanna go to the moon?"

The Ed Sullivan Show featured a really interesting mix of entertainers of all varieties. Who could ever forget Señor Wences?

Famous tagline: "A really big shew!"
Suzuki Beane 12 years ago
Mary Tyler Moore - 5 spinoffs, etc. question above. Right???

Phyllis (whatever one w/ Cloris Leachman was called)
Lou Grant
one w/ Betty White
one w/ Ted Baxter character?
Suzuki Beane 12 years ago
Rhoda show had spinoff w/ younger sister - can't remember name.
Lou Grant had spinoff to other newsroom show - can't remember name.
King Power Cinema 12 years ago
I think the Lou Grant spinoff was just "Lou Grant".
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Ok What 70's series had 5 spin offs ?
All in the family

1 Archie bunkers place
2 Gloria
3 the Jeffersons
4 Maude
5 704 hauser (The House they lived in)
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Heres a new one.
What other Great 70's series had 3 awful spin offs ?
And was based itself on a British sitcom?
Whoever names these shows wins the No-Prize !!!
DayDayDad 12 years ago
Also, Still no guesses on this one?
marktrash 12 years ago
SAnford and Son?
Darth Bengal PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Darth Bengal (member) 11 years ago
I think it's Sanford and Son too, although I don't know what show's were based on it. Probably one featuring Lamont on his own, one featuring Grady and one featuring Aunt Whatvever-her-name-was. Or there might have been one based on the Lamont's friend Julio.

Sanford itself Itself was definately based on the British sitcom, Steptoe and Son. I haven't seen Sanford and Son in years, but loved it back in the 70's.
NancyT1952 PRO 11 years ago
Petticoat Junction?
Lt. Cobretti 11 years ago
oh this one's too easy, it's the Beverly Hillbillies!!
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