AJ Franklin PRO 2:47pm, 27 January 2007
Please vote! If you are a member of HELLUVA SHOT!! you have a special opportunity to give critical acceptance to your fellows by voting in our contests. It only takes a second or two and your favorite photo gets the benefit of love and admiration that we all desire as photographers.

This box opens on Saturday morning in the Central USA and mid after noon in the UK. We need a couple of hundred votes...please consider giving your one, no-cost bit for the benefit of the group...VOTE!

How to vote:

View the entries in the other thread, Show Us Your BOKEH! You may vote on ONE photo. Remember its entry number, come back here and "reply to this topic" with "I vote for entry #??."

Comments are very welcome. Everyone would like to know why you chose that one shot out of so many great ones in the contest!

Sunday night after the BALLOT BOX closes, votes are counted and the winner is usually announced the same night.

Please vote! And thank you for your participation in the Helluva Shot!! Show Us Your BOKEH! contest!
AJ Franklin PRO 11 years ago
Historyanorak is away and mailed me her vote: #43
AJ Franklin PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by AJ Franklin (admin) 11 years ago
I vote for entry #30 And that is after putting five faves in a hat and pulling one out! I think it represents excellent bokeh and has an interesting subject as well!
Jaedde & Sis PRO 11 years ago
I vote for #30 too.
jojoandrada 11 years ago
# 82
Mipstra 11 years ago
I vote #43
Flash2007 11 years ago
#81, great shot!
Poet for Life PRO 11 years ago
My vote is for #33.
tanakawho PRO 11 years ago
I vote for # 43!!!
Cobra064 11 years ago
buckskinfilly 11 years ago
I vote #18!! Great pics!! It was a tough choice!!
Alberto Nogueira Jr 11 years ago
I vote for # 43!!!
Mademoiselle Monique 11 years ago
# 19
andrewlee1967 11 years ago
I vote for #5
NatashaP 11 years ago
I vote for #36
hales. 11 years ago
#39 gets my vote!
dianneohio 11 years ago
I vote for #72. The framing and bokeh transforms a simple subject into an elegant image.
steph.A PRO 11 years ago
#64 for me.
Spiderpops 11 years ago
number 37
Museum of Dirt 11 years ago
jlborelli 11 years ago
vote x #37
Christine Lebrasseur 11 years ago
DHJ.V 11 years ago
#79, great colors and smooth bokeh
sakura*aya 11 years ago
lemank 11 years ago
..karen.. 11 years ago
rich66 ~~ 11 years ago
#28 tough decision as there were some amazing photos.
Badger Badger Studios 11 years ago
I narrowed it down to 10 favourites and then randomly selected #39. the other 9 were also amazing (30, 33, 37, 433, 55, 57, 59, 64 & 82).
Carla Finley PRO 11 years ago
Narrowed it down to three, 18, 26, and 33. Very hard to choose but I have to go with #26.
aback account [deleted] 11 years ago
Wow! I love them all for different reasons, but I have decided to cast my vote for #5.
borealnz PRO 11 years ago
Hard choice but my vote goes to
I love the twinkling background bokeh.
AJ Franklin PRO 11 years ago
Great turnout for our vote this week!!! Thank you all so much for the wonderful and fun effort...the winners will be posted shortly.

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