Matt_Steele1977 11:13am, 2 December 2006
Everyone look at the pictures in the "Out and About" CONTEST thread and choose your favorite photo, Remember its Entry #... Voting is for the rest of the weekend.

All photos in the "Out and About" thread are numbered. All voters will need is to "reply to this topic" in the last box at the bottom of this thread and put down "I choose #??". Additional comments are welcomed.

One vote per member. Good luck to all of our wonderful entrants!
purring rake [deleted] 12 years ago
So hard to pick just one. Several appeal for different reasons. But this particular morning I'm plumping for entry #18.
beautiful tax [deleted] 12 years ago
my winner is entry #11!
tanakawho PRO 12 years ago
Missy2004 PRO 12 years ago
Wow such a lot to choose from.
~48 is my choice
Left Flickr 12 years ago
I guess I'm going with #10. But I like #11 too! Can I pick two? lol.
If I have to pick one its #10. Wah! This was a hard one for me!
Let'sBottLeBoHemiA 12 years ago
i'll vote for #60
Spiderpops 12 years ago
entry 54
East End Girl 1968 12 years ago
my choice is #7
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
I vote for #24
Alex Rixon 12 years ago
I think they are all great but my vote is for Entry #57
And who am i PRO 12 years ago
Entry # 2
~Princess Kitteh~ 12 years ago
i vote for #11
Christine Lebrasseur 12 years ago
Chris B7v 12 years ago

Awesome job all, that was hard. 12 years ago
#7 - it's cool! :P
Auntie P PRO 12 years ago
mveaches 12 years ago
Many to choose. #60 for orginality
HenrysCat PRO 12 years ago
Entry # 61
Alberto Nogueira Jr 12 years ago
They are all FANTASTIC... Congratulation to all
my choice this time is #29
wonderful shot
historyanorak PRO 12 years ago
No 37 for me!
superb umbrella [deleted] 12 years ago
They are all great ....but I go for entry # 18 !!
Cobra064 12 years ago
Entry #20
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
The number that I pulled out of the hat this week, my choice is #34.

I am sure the other members have had a hard time choosing from the outstanding entries. I have had that problem as well! Congratulations to all of our outstanding photographers, and good luck to Matty (Parker2) as he figures out how to score this puppy!
rich66 ~~ 12 years ago
So many great shots to choose from, congrats to all of you who submitted a photo. My choice is #11.

Great autumn colors!!
TheAdobeProject 12 years ago
I vote for Entry #42.
AtillaSoylu PRO 12 years ago
it was so difficult to choose this time...

i vote for #45.
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