AJ Franklin PRO 3:13pm, 18 November 2006
Everyone look at the pictures in the "A Thing I Love" CONTEST thread and choose your favorite photo, Remember its Entry #... Voting is for the rest of the weekend.

All photos in the "A Thing I Love" thread are numbered. All voters will need is to "reply to this topic" in the last box at the bottom of this thread and put down "I choose #??". Additional comments are welcomed.

One vote per member. Good luck to all of our wonderful entrants!
Christine Lebrasseur 12 years ago
I choose #5
purring rake [deleted] 12 years ago
Entry #9 stands out as a quality shot I think but ulitimately the subject matter of entry #18 won me over because it's something I can relate to. It captures the feel of a misty morning really well and quite an eye catching composition with all the vertical tree trunks. Sorry to all the dog and cat lovers :-(

I choose #18
1bluecanoe 12 years ago
entry #23
love the motion in this and this biker is getting some serious air so the subject matter is impressive as well.
Missy2004 PRO 12 years ago
I took long time choosing but in the end it was no14 that really caught my eyes. The eyes of this cat just draw you in to the photo.
flower beauty 12 years ago
I choose entry #2. What a beautiful cat!!
jimhankey PRO Posted 12 years ago. Edited by jimhankey (member) 12 years ago
I hesitate to vote for a competitor to my beloved Bowbow in entry #20, but as a red-blooded male, I have to admit to admiring those erotic sand sculptures in # 19. Who would ever have thought that sand could be so sexy?! So, I choose #19 (but I'm hoping my vote gets swamped by wide acclaim for #20)!
Alberto Nogueira Jr 12 years ago
I choose # 27
That was a fantastic shot, I have never seen in my life such a wonderful sky - congratulation.
Ava Babili PRO 12 years ago
I choose #2.
andrewlee1967 12 years ago
I choose #15
Matt_Steele1977 12 years ago
I choose #23. :-)
buckskinfilly 12 years ago
I choose #28
Bec Thomas Photography 12 years ago
mischy_eva PRO 12 years ago
I choose #5
~Princess Kitteh~ 12 years ago
i choose # 17
wvceli 12 years ago
My vote is for #9- both for the subject and the quality of the photograph, which is unique and beautiful too!
(The lovely Bowbow #20 is my second choice! Those eyes just say love!)
Entry #1... great colours and depth in it - hard to choose - all are good!
brynmeillion - JAN 12 years ago
entry no 6
great dragonfly shot
And who am i PRO 12 years ago
Entry No27
Left Flickr 12 years ago
No# 28
unhappened bailarina 12 years ago
I think that The Best is #15!
Entry #12
historyanorak PRO 12 years ago
Gotta be #9.
It's a great interpretation of the contest title, not even slightly predictable and a very good photo!
Marlis1 PRO 12 years ago
my favorite is Entry #3-
Kathy~ PRO 12 years ago
TheAdobeProject 12 years ago
I vote for Entry the angle of the shot.
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
I choose #21. Once again I had to put five of them in a hat and pull. Just amazing work, guys! I found the stiletto heels had an emotional feeling for me since I like them too!
fotrristi 12 years ago
I choose #12. An old fave!!
AJ Franklin PRO 12 years ago
Contest "A Thing I Love" is over and the ballot box is closed. The winners will be announced shortly.
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