metakephoto PRO 4:19am, 3 April 2010
PDX Snowbist - Weekend Photo Getaway

Date: Friday April 23rd to Sunday April 25th 2010

Location: 4,500 square foot Mystery Cabin in Government Camp. And we will be shooting in the snow at various location on Saturday and possibly Sunday too.

Age Requirement: 18+

Cost: $105 per person; non-refundable payment
(payments must be made within 24hrs of your RSVP notice here on flickr, to secure your spot)

note I: If you sign up and pay your $$, and then can't make it, you can definitly sell your spot to someone else. But it will be your responsibility to do so.

Tentative Schedule: (This is a rough outline of the schedule, and definitly open to suggestion)

Friday: April 23rd 2010
6pm: Meetup up at Cabin
6-Midnight: Photo Talk (share photos, favorite websites, go over post processing techniques, watch photo related movies, shoot pictures, warm up, eat yummy food, etc..) and possible night shooting at Ski Bowl

Saturday: April 24th 2010
7am: Breakfast
8am-11am: Location Scouting
11am-Noon: Lunch
Noon-8pm: Photoshoot
8pm: Dinner @ The Cabin
9-Midnight: Photo Talk (share/edit photos from the day, go over post processing techniques, watch photo related movies, shoot pictures, warm up, eat yummy food, etc..)

Sunday April 25th 2010
Sleep In, Breakfast, Hangout and then cleanup.
Checkout @ 11am

Cabin Details:
4,500 square foot home; 6 bedrooms; Fireplace; 3 car garage; DSL ready.

Attendance limit for photographers:12 (1 spot left)
1.metakephoto (paid)
2.Luke Olsen (paid)
3.OregonVelo - Shane (paid)
4. OregonVelo - Jeannie (paid)
5. Pipography (paid)
6.Heather Jones (paid) and looking for someone to take her spot
7.Placebo#4 (paid)
8.Shuttercraze (paid)
9. Kevin Hakala (paid)
10. Dennis Goetz (paid)
11. NXT Foto
This sounds really fun but I've already committed for that Saturday. Have fun.
Kevin Hakala 8 years ago
I'm in.
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 8 years ago
Count me in! Will pay the full but will only overnight 1 night
whether it's fri or sat.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 8 years ago
Ok I only counted 13 beds, I call top bunk!

This is gonna be a blast, I kinda wanted to do a similar getaway but on the coast. I'll bring the usual gear and my iMac. Should we do a food signup?
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@Shuttercraze: We can do a food signup once everyone's signed up and paid via paypal. And then i'll book the place and we can start planning all the fun details for the weekend :)
Placebo #4 8 years ago
This is is going to be fun. I sleep yodel.
Daynatron 8 years ago
thomasboydphoto 8 years ago
I love the name: The Snowbist. Perfect.

I lood forward to seeing what you all come up with.
nikonpdx 8 years ago
Darn, can't make this one. Sounds like a lot of fun, hopefully there will be more strobist camps in the future.
Craig Mitchelldyer Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Craig Mitchelldyer (member) 8 years ago
you guys will have a ton of fun. I just added some snow photos we shot the other day. Good times!
Dayna and I will bunk together :)
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@nikonpdx: were hoping to have a beach party weekend this summer if this shoot goes well.
DaveWeav 8 years ago
@Craig, Great shots up at Mt Hood. I enjoy your work and following your blog.
Too rich for my blood, have fun guys and gals!
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@funkytoaster: we should have a funkytoaster fund raiser to get you up should just sell one of your prints to pay your way :)
Tom.Lechner PRO 8 years ago
Alas, I'll be selling comics at the Stumptown Comics Fest all that weekend.
| whiteSpace | PRO 8 years ago
That's a bad weekend for me. Sounds like fun but I'll have to pass.
Gina Garbero Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Gina Garbero (member) 8 years ago
OK, I am totally down! Um Sarah? You coming? I will submit the cash on pay pal right now. I have to leave super early in the morning on Sunday.

Does anybody know what the odds are of requiring chains? Snow should be off the roads by then right?
Gina Garbero 8 years ago
lol @ placebo... I might be able to take the chorus. hehe
Sarah.Lynch 8 years ago
Hmmm sounds fun, but my massive fear of commitment hinders me yet again. I might take a last minute open spot. Have fun kids!
easy truck [deleted] 8 years ago
really enjoyed the strobist event last month but I'm going to be out of the country during that weekend.
DennisGoetz 8 years ago
ooh, sounds like fun, count me in please
Oh, man, this would be awesome but I can't make it that weekend.
Daynatron Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Daynatron (member) 8 years ago
Not gonna be able to make this; contact me if anyone's interested
in taking my spot for $85 in cash/paypal/blood.
DaveWeav 8 years ago
Sorry but I'm not going to be able to make this
Gina Garbero 8 years ago
Oh the openings are calling my name. I am so worried about the roads and snow though. I will keep looking, I may be a last min. attendee. :0)
OregonVelo 8 years ago
Butterfly - One of the reasons we did this shoot so late was because of the roads and crazy drivers. Only the diehard ski/board fans are still going by this time, most people are thinking about summer by this time. Secondly, I am sure you could car pool with someone if you don't want to drive.
OregonVelo 8 years ago
Also, for those that are interested. I will be shooting a mountain bike race on Sunday about 30 minutes from where we will be staying. If you like to join me, you are welcome to and I would be more than willing to help you with the ins and the outs of racing/photography etiquette.
wish i could :)
@ Daynatron :( You'll be missed!
I will try and organize the food side so if everyone coming can shoot me an email at heatherjones @ and this way i can keep everyone updated :)
Just a week away! I'm so excited!!! Can't wait...
pdxblazer503 8 years ago
Wish I could, but I have other work to do on Saturday, so have to skip this one :-)
dath1974 8 years ago
Hey funky, maybe we should arrange a cheap bastard strobist shoot for the same day? I found myself abstaining from this thread for a long time because I'd like to attend, but I've been spending too much money on gear and such lately and I'm hoping to see Mr. Hobby this summer. . .

Hit me back if you want to do something else, probably fairly informal (and forgive my thread hijacking!). I'm sure I could scare up at least one willing victim, err model;->

metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
ok, the directions and info has been e-mailed to everyone individually, so please let me know if you havent received the directions yet?
average plant [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by average plant (member) 8 years ago
Ok, looks like there will be too much gear to all fit in one car for the original carpool plans. I am going to be driving up on Friday, and will have extra room in my car. Does anyone want to get a ride with me so I am not driving a car up with just one person?

Also, I have two more models that want are both down with coming up on Saturday for the shoot, but they may need a ride. Is anyone coming up on Friday?

Private message me, please!
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
Unfortunately Heather can't make it this weekend, so if anyone wants to take her spot, i'm sure we can negotiate a reduced rate for taking her spot. So just flickr-mail me privately if you'd like to come and i'll send you the directions by Friday at 12:30pm.
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
see everyone later tonight :)
DaveWeav Posted 8 years ago. Edited by DaveWeav (member) 8 years ago
Have fun you guys. It looks like you're going to have a great weekend!
yeah enjoy the weekend. really bummed I cant make this one.
ShutterCraze (NUEL) Posted 8 years ago. Edited by ShutterCraze (NUEL) (admin) 8 years ago
Models uploaded = Nadia, Cady, Mindee Jo.
Models still working on =complete.
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