OregonVelo 5:45am, 26 February 2010
Session 5: Grids and Snoots
Date: Wednesday March 3rd 2010
Time: 6:30 to 8:30ish

Location: The Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro Triangle (Shane’s Place)
Please contact "OregonVelo" via flickr mail for directions House is within 5 minutes walking distance of Willow Creek Max station.

Who: Anyone interested in learning and sharing more about equipment they have and don’t have.

What you need to bring: Appetizer/finger food or drink to share. Also if you have any grids and snoots to share.

kevin hakala
stoney jr
Randy Kashka
kenneth barton
Allan Leahy

Series Concept: This series is for beginners to pros to learn and share. Each session will go over one topic and cover the basics for the beginners to more advance for the pros. Everyone should be able to leave the evening learning at least one new thing and a little less hungry.

Evening Timeline:
6:30 Food and Social
7:00 Main Concept : Grids and Snoots
8:00 Try it yourself
Kevin Hakala 8 years ago
I will be there
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 8 years ago
I'm down.
dave_g_lim PRO 8 years ago
sign me up
silverwolfe PRO 8 years ago
yay! I should be home, and would love to come.
well-made trail [deleted] 8 years ago
Please sign me up : )
fotomavin 8 years ago
Sign me up please.
[evan hunter] 8 years ago
getting close, I should be in portland a few weeks unfortunately after this but hopefully can make the next one
I think I can make this. Count me in. I'll bring grids and snoots just in case we need 'em.
OregonVelo 8 years ago
Yes, can everyone bring their grids and snoots. This one will be a show and tell as much and a learning discussion.
dath1974 8 years ago
Count me in. I'll bring some DIY snoots and maybe some DIY grids if I have the chance to finish them;->
Jayesunn Krump 8 years ago
I should be able to make it.
Daynatron 8 years ago
I'm in :)
reesman9 8 years ago
lexly87 aka Duc N. Ly 8 years ago
I would like to attend.
Randy Kashka PRO 8 years ago
I'll be there...
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
i'll be there..maybe a little late..but i'll be there
Logan04 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Logan04 (member) 8 years ago
Cool an event on my day off! :) I run the site here in Hillsboro, I can bring some pre-made, ready to use grids as well as speedlight honeycomb items. This will save a lot of you folks the frustration of glueing straws together which is maddening.
And althought I sell the grids my skills in using them needs some improvement. Especially with dual flash shots. I see folks that are masters at speedlight shots so I hope to learn from you folks as well.
metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
@Logan04: awesome, i'm glad you'll be able to make it.
Placebo #4 8 years ago
I'm 90% sure I can make it.
eyphotog_ 8 years ago
would love to come but can't make it this time. Have fun
kenneth barton PRO 8 years ago
I'll be there.

OregonVelo 8 years ago
Ken, you going to have a history lesson for us again?
Studio Gentry 8 years ago
I should be able to make it (Emphais on SHOULD). Leaving Camas, WA at 5:30pm then driving though Portland rush hour should get me there in time for the learnin'. :-)

@OregonVelo - Per instructions, I'll Flickr mail you for location.
OregonVelo 8 years ago
If you don't have my address, please flickr mail me and I will send it to you.
pretty advice [deleted] 8 years ago
Sign me up.
Sounds like a good way to refine some skills. See ya there!
kenneth barton PRO 8 years ago

Yes. I will make it a bit brifer this time though. Last time I didn't have a feel for how long it would take to get through the material I had prepared.

Just realized that I can't make it now. Sorry to miss it!
Studio Gentry 8 years ago
Since we have a percentage scale, I'm 95% sure I'll be there. :-)
Mark Chamberlin - SmarterPics PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mark Chamberlin - SmarterPics (member) 8 years ago
Going to have to cancel. DANG! Had a client reschedule a tutoring session to tomorrow. Money before fun.... Net time!! Any chance of getting the material you prepare?
Placebo #4 8 years ago
I've got to cancel. Work won.
silverwolfe PRO 8 years ago
dang. was running my dishwasher, suddenly the smell of burning plastic. checked, it's not IN the dishwasher, now I'm worried about the wiring smoldering if I leave (believable in this apt complex.....). sheeeesh. I might not make it, apt maintenance can't come check it out, of course.....
Kevin Hakala 8 years ago
I'm out -- this work thing getting in the way of life again
Studio Gentry 8 years ago
Thanks to you all for the meet up tonight. Lots of great info. :-)
fotomavin 8 years ago
Kenneth, nice presentation of another great photographer.
Shane, good demo of grids and snoots. Appreciate you opening up your home again for this venue.
Daynatron 8 years ago
Thanks again Shane!
Kenneth, great presentation.
Jason, can't wait to use this bad larry on my AlienBee.
Looking forward to Session 6 :)
Will there be another session of this any time in the future?

metakephoto PRO 8 years ago
yep, we've been trying to do them on the First Wednesdays of every keep an eye out for a posting
Logan04 8 years ago
Thanks for all the great photos you guys posted to my Flickr group.
For tax day the website is set for free shipping! :) Happy April 15th
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