OregonVelo 5:04am, 1 October 2009
First Wednesday’s Basics and Beyond Learning Series

Session 2: Umbrellas: The Big, the Small and the Shoot Through

Date: Wednesday Oct 7th
Time: 6:30 to 8:30ish

Location: The Aloha, Beaverton, Hillsboro Triangle (Shane’s Place)
Please contact "OregonVelo" via flickr mail for directions House is within 5 minutes walking distance of Willow Creek Max station.

Who: Anyone interested in learning and sharing more about equipment they have and don’t have.

What you need to bring: Appetizer/finger food or drink to share. If you have an umbrella and/or light stands.

Cost: Free… we are toying with the concept of a tip jar for the model since they will not be getting much benefit out of the session.

Oregon Velo
Terence Dodge
Dave G Lim
Luke Olsen
Palcebo 4
Tom Lechner
Randa Kashka
Kenneth Barton
TZ images

Series Concept: This series is for beginners to pros to learn and share. Each session will go over one topic and cover the basics for the beginners to more advance for the pros. Everyone should be able to leave the evening learning at least one new thing and a little less hungry.

Evening Timeline:
6:30 Food and Social
6:45 Quickie Topic: Light Stands
7:00 Main Concept : Umbrellas
8:00 Try it yourself

Future possible session
Nov 4th: Softboxes: The Legend of the Giant Softbox.
Dec 2nd: Reflectors and bounce cards: To Reflect or Not to Reflect
OregonVelo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by OregonVelo (admin) 9 years ago
Two additional notes.

This session will have demostration and show and tell. We hope that beginners to pro comes and share their experiences with umbrellas.

If you have and umbrella or a light stand not on this list, please let me know if you are willin to bring them.

60" Westcott dual purpose (reflective and shoot through)
Westcott 43" Collapsible Umbrella white w/black cover

12' Westcott
Manfrotto 001B light stand
njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
Count me in. I definitely want to learn more about using the umbrella kit I have.
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 9 years ago
wøµLd £övë †õ ƆëñÐ ãš ü§ûÅL.... Thanks Shane!
noisy rabbits [deleted] 9 years ago
Terence will bring:

Westcott 43" Collapsible Umbrella white w/black cover

Manfrotto 001B light stand w/anonymous flash bracket
Daynatron Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Daynatron (member) 9 years ago
Please count me in :)

Shane - I can bring both a 45 shoot through and 60 convertible to share
metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
i'll be usual
dave_g_lim PRO 9 years ago
i'm going to try to show up, i need to find a ride though
LukeOlsen PRO 9 years ago
I'll be there.
pdxblazer503 9 years ago
Count me in pls :-)
Placebo #4 9 years ago
Good times, I'll be there as well.
Sarah.Lynch 9 years ago
I wish I could come, but Vancouver to Hillsboro at 6:00 would get me there about the time everyone leaves.... If you have any later in the evening I'd love to attend!
Tom.Lechner PRO 9 years ago
I'll try to come.
Chehalem Photography 9 years ago
I would like to come - first strobist meetup.
Randy Kashka PRO 9 years ago
I would like to attend... thanks...
OregonVelo 9 years ago
sarah- if you want to try, 30 to Germantown is a decent backway at that time of day.
All Who Wander 9 years ago
I would like to attend. I can bring 2 no-name stands and umbrellas.
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
Count me in.

silverwolfe PRO 9 years ago
me too, please ;)
I would like to come, but I don't get off work until 8...If you guys do basic comparison shot of the various umbrellas on a single subject, I would love to see the results.
dath1974 9 years ago
I'd like to attend. I can bring a LumoPro 8' light stand, I use the same 43" Westcott collapsible shoot through umbrellas that I think are already on the list. . .
charming alarm [deleted] 9 years ago
I would love to come but Wednesdays from Coos Bay are nearly impossible for me. I hope everyone has fun and learns something new.
I will definitely make this my first PDX Strobist appearance - finally! Can't wait to finally meet some of you.

I have a 32" Alien Bees brolly box (that I use with my Canon speedlite) and a Photoflex 45" convertible umbrella I can bring along with some light stands. I also just got a 22" beauty dish with a diffusion sock that I haven't even used yet if that qualifies at all.

Oh, what about shooting through my 42" collapsible diffuser? I'll bring it just in case. I need to find a suitcase to fit all this stuff!

See you Wed - JK
TZ Images 9 years ago
I'm coming, thanks Shane.
Whoowl 9 years ago
I would like to come, but it will be hard to get from Vancouver to your place by 6:30pm. Put me down as a definite maybe and late!
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 9 years ago
Will pass thru downtown to pick up Daynatron so we may both run a lil late. heyheyjk... would love to see that 22" Paul Buff beauty dish in action. :)
Hey pipography - the beauty dish isn't a Paul Buff, sorry if I implied that. It was from some place I found on eBay - ephotodiscounters or something like that. It's not bad, though, aluminum with silver coating inside and a dual position interior reflector and a speedlight mounting bracket. I think it was around $75. I'll bring it when we do a beauty dish night.
fotomavin 9 years ago
Would like to attend. I will be coming from a shoot in Seaside. Will email OregonVelo to get directions.
OregonVelo 9 years ago
Who still needs directions?
njl-photolog PRO 9 years ago
@OregonVelo: Me please? 9 years ago
Awful timing for me again, wished I could have attend. Anything ever happens on a My only day off, Thurdsay?
ʎɥdɐɹbodıd 9 years ago
Carpooling with yet another strober to save the environment! so will surely run a lil behind. coming in with Daynatron & Placebo#4... with finger foods. :P
silverwolfe PRO 9 years ago
thanks again guys & gals - it was another interesting informative evening ;))
fotomavin 9 years ago
Thanks for a great evening. It was a nice wealth of information. Shane, thanks for hosting this event.
Randy Kashka PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Shane for another very informative session - lots of good little tid bits and pointers were shared that now I can go out and try. These sessions are well worth the time for only the cost of a snack/drink. Great idea....
kenneth barton PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Shane.

metakephoto PRO 9 years ago
thanks OregonVelo for putting this together...
dath1974 9 years ago
Hey, sorry I missed you guys this go around, I got caught up painting my house and had to finish up before the light went. . . Next time though!

LukeOlsen PRO 9 years ago
Thanks Shane!!!!! That was fun.
silverwolfe PRO 9 years ago
I thought of a question I should;ve asked !
does the shape of an umbrella cause a different type of 'wrapping' of the light around the subject than a flat-paneled diffuser, like a strip light or 'box' thang??
fotomavin 9 years ago
Softboxes give very similar results to shoot-through umbrellas, except that softboxes produce more controlled light because the light is limited to the chosen direction - shoot through umbrellas reflect around 40% of the light and, in a small room, the spilled light bounces off of walls and ceilings.

I don't think the actual shape of an umbrella would contribute as you are pretty much trying to diffuse and create a soft light. Soft boxes are great if they are left in a studio as they can be a pain to transport and assemble on location. I like the ability to travel light when going on location.

I have not shot with softboxes as I have gotten nice results with umbrellas and bouncing light. This is my personal choice. I guess it pretty much depends on what your looking to achieve in lighting your subjects.
Studio Gentry 9 years ago
Is the softbox class still on for the 4th?
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