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Group Description

IMPORTANT To post a photo here it MUST receive a Burns Award 4 Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

Members of this group may nominate photographs for consideration to receive a BA4OAITFOE. You may nominate your own work, but that work should be your best. Make the nomination in the nomination discussion thread and include a thumbnail of the image, or at the very least, a link to the image.


This is not in any particular order, other than how long each line of text is compared to the others. The award may be based on all, some or all of the below criteria.

* creativity
* composition
* technical skill
* subject matter
* use of color (color images)
* How well the image conveys a mood or feeling
* contrast and tonal range (B&W, monochrome)
* success of experimental technique (stretch the envelope)
* The excellence of the photograph as compared to your other photographic work. Your images are not compared to those of others. We are looking for your best.

** Images may be Monochrome, B&W or color.
** Abstracts and photos of nucular power plants are favorites.
** Ineligible photos include the following subjects; flowers, swans/Canada Geese and pets. These are the most over-photographed subjects in the world! Unless they are truly outstanding, creative and imaginative, they won't receive a BA4OAITFOE.
** Photos with funny captions in them (IE, the LoL cat craze) are also ineligible for the BA4OAITFOE.
** Pornographic images are ineligible for the BA4OAITFOE, but artistic nudes are eligible.
****Also ineligible are photos that are from other sources than the actual work of the photographer. These include scanned from publications, screen captures, and news images. The images MUST be your work!

*** Photos posted here that do not have a BA4OAITFOE will be removed, and the person posting the image will have the hounds released upon them and possibly (nut not likely) be banned. Unless of course they do it repeatedly.
*** Admins may not award their own work, but they may give an award to another admin, but it better be really ecch-seeee-LENT, or Smithers will release the hounds!
*** ONLY group Admins can give awards. The Admins of this group are currently, or were at one time, professional photographers and/or professional graphic artists. The Admins may also have taught photography, had gallery shows of their work (and sold something) or had their work published (for $$). They are also huge fans of The Simpsons.

***** Like all Flickr awards, this award and $0.25 cents won't get you a cup of coffee. So don't take it too seriously. Photography, like all art is subjective. We likes what we like, and administering a group really gets me to look in depth at the photographic work of others.

Thanks for joining the group, posting your photo and reading all of the above.


Group Rules

See the main group page for the rules.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 5 things to the pool each week.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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