OT pictures

Gardener78660 12:22pm, 5 September 2012
Dear Moderator;
Why aren't you filtering non-thong minimal swimwear photos?
Bryanna from NC 6 years ago
I agree! I would also like to see the safety level of pics posted changed from safe and add moderate and restricted pictures.
Gardener78660 6 years ago
I'm surprised too that this group isn't restricted! To me, "minimal" means legally covered, which is very, very little. So it's close enough to nude that you might as well be nude.

So where are the moderators? Has this group been abandoned?
Bryanna from NC 6 years ago
My guess is that the original moderator has been deleted and come back under a new name. I created the "Where did you get that thong" group and was the only moderator when I was deleted. Fortunately, I already had the safety setting proper and didn't have to approve postings so even today pics get posted in that group.
Gardener78660 6 years ago
Well, I'm outta here. No time for this crap!
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