charming mandible [deleted] 12:02pm, 20 June 2009
I like the feeling of freedom and the feeling of the sun on my butt. My gf likes to see the thong tanline it leaves when i'm naked and to rub the lotion on my butt.

Also because i hardly have anything else then thong underwear.
cum121 9 years ago
I find thongs very comfortable, leaves a great tan line and last but not least they are so very sexy.
lackadaisical rice [deleted] 9 years ago
Its very sexy and comfortable
happy car [deleted] 8 years ago
They're the most comfortable, most sexy and the smaller the better. x
vino amore 8 years ago
I feel very sexy in a thong, I always get aroused.
sportlasse 8 years ago
I love it - but unfortunately it's really not very common to wear it in public....!
Keko92 8 years ago
i love to use many kinds of thongs specially in the beach
seemly crayon [deleted] 8 years ago
the feeling of being free,and the hot feeling of them clinging to ya manhood
jamie726 8 years ago
thongs feel sexy and look sexy
seemly crayon [deleted] 8 years ago
its the ultimate feeling of being sexy and so arousing
laughable advertisement [deleted] 7 years ago
it is comfortable, looking great and the tanline is fantastic
damp playground [deleted] 7 years ago
I like to to sport g_strings so tiny it resembles dentalfloss amd love to show off in a tiny tight string!
ragged expert [deleted] 7 years ago
i like that it holds me up and sun on my ass is nice too
kfsteve391 6 years ago
Thongs are so sexy. I can look and feel like the ladies I admire. They really let me show off.
Nudeguy 61 5 years ago
I prefer to be nude, but if i have to wear something, then a thong is as small as it gets!
kindhearted geese [deleted] 5 years ago
Love how a thong feels, espcially in public. I've found you get more attention wearing a thong on a public beach than going to a nude beach.
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