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acidic bear [deleted] 2:46pm, 19 July 2008
Yahoo filters will not allow me to post any pictures.
kernow34 PRO 10 years ago
No, it won't let me either, even though the pictures are marked public, they insist that all are "restricted".

The Flickr people who operate this are crazy, and completely unable to listen to reason.

Whoever set this group up got it all wrong from the start. Its a waste of time belonging to a lot of Flickr groups when its impossible to post perfectly ordinary pictures to them, while other groups have pictures that are way into the xxx field, yet have no problems.
cheap lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
Your problem is that the site owner has decreed that only pics flagged as 'safe' can be posted. That is not the same thing as 'everyone'. That's no bad thing, because 'safe' pics are deemed suitable for small children to view and are not blanked out by the safety filter. The pics you'd like to post, which are not flagged as 'safe', leave very little to the imagination and should not be viewed by young kids.
It would be sensible for the Admin to allow at least 'Moderate' pics, because at present a lot of perfectly nice thong pics are excluded.
kernow34 PRO 9 years ago
But the point is that WE cannot tag any pictures as "safe".

We are not given the opportunity!,

We only can mark pix as to be viewed by ourselves which = "private", by our friends, our families, or anyone which = "public".

There is no choice of "safe", or "moderate" for that matter!

Its Flickr who do that, not us, and we have NO say in it.

But there is nothing to stop group owners from copying any pictures they like and pasting them into the group pool!
cheap lamp [deleted] 9 years ago
No, that's not right. At the bottom of the control settings for every photo there is a button labelled 'Flag your photo'. if you click on it, you are given the choice as to whether the photo is flagged 'Safe' 'Moderate' or 'Restricted'. This is why so many people get deleted - they set the default to 'safe' so every pic they load is flagged 'safe'. This is the thing Flickr looks at, so even if they restrict viewers to 'Family only' an adult photo is likely to get them deleted.
Advice - set your default setting to 'restricted' and only change that to 'safe' for photos of your auntie's cat - and even then only if it's in a modest pose.
kernow34 PRO 9 years ago
I simply don't get this!

Flickr are stating that my pix ARE "restricted" which is why I can't post them here!

THEY have set it - not me, regardless whether they are pix of cats or anything else! Pix I've marked as safe, and ones I've marked as friends only, are all treated alike by Flickr. I have no say in it.

Thats why I suggest the site owner goes and copies any that he'd like and posting them here himself! Other guys post pix on their sites that they've copied from others, so it can be done here too.
kernow34 PRO 9 years ago
It STILL won't let me post any pics - this group is a waste of time. I get this claptrap every time :-

"None of the items you've selected can be added to the group, because they're either already in the group, in too many groups, or they don't follow the rules of this group".

Which is all utter rubbish
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