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pantufla 5:41pm, 30 November 2007
Hi all,

My grandmother was born in Swinford, Co. Mayo, and I am currently doing genealogical research on my family. I was wondering if anyone in the Mayo area would consider taking some photos around town (graves, homes, etc) for me to help my research. I can't pay much, but I'd definitely be able to pay something in return for your help.

btw my grandmother's name is Anne Henry (b. 1908), and she was the daughter of James Henry and Ellen Peyton.


Alberto Forero
agavin_mayo 8 years ago
Alberto - Did you ever get any response to this posting

I am originally from Swinford and whilst I do not live there I am a regular visitor and can arrrange to take particular pictures that you may want.

Do you know the address / village in Swinford where your grandmother is from in Swinford?

I am particluarly interested in the pictures you have up of the grave listings from a yearbook. What yearbook was this from?

Many thanks
Grangeburn PRO 3 years ago
My gt-gt-gt-grandparents came over from Burrishoole to Glasgow around 1845. They were Myles Gibbons and Mary Macnamara (or McNamara).
The parents of Myles were Jonathan Gibbons, a wood ranger or forester and Honor Dillon or McTeague.
There is a gravestone in the Burrishoole Abbey graveyard (the old part) with the following inscription "The Lord have mercy on the soul of John Gibbons who departed this life June 25 1806 aged 18 yrs. This stone is erected by his father Jonathon Gibbons". I believe this to be the same Jonathan Gibbons, my 4 x great-grandfather. I would dearly love to have a photograph, if the stone has survived. Can anyone help? I would be happy to do some genealogical research here in Scotland in return.
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