His Will Photography 5:45am, 10 February 2010
There are times I like "motion" in my pictures. I have noticed that these photos don't get much attention when I show my work. I would love to here some comments about the idea of motion (blurring) in photos...
K. Howard Images 8 years ago
I personally like this as well, but I've also noticed that those type of pictures don't seem to get much attention from the public. I have done a couple that I'll probably hang in my home, but wouldn't bother to post on flickr. Some of my favorites are ones that get completely overlooked by others
29k Productions PRO 8 years ago
I've noticed that as well. It can be a fantastic photo, and yet people pass right over the ones with motion blur. My theory is they think it's a mistake rather than an artistic choice, as they're used to still photos freezing real life rather than showing motion. The only exception to this "rule" I've noticed is in water photography. People enjoy waterfalls and whitecaps more with a bit of motion blur that gives the water a mystical quality.
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