green voice [deleted] 8:45pm, 12 October 2010
I have a 43 yo female wants to gangbanged I have fucked her twice an she want multiple dicks at once
dazzling bead [deleted] 8 years ago
how many she want
green voice [deleted] 8 years ago
Atleast 3 I would say maybe 5 tops
oldfartcoach34 8 years ago
When and where? I am vry interested!
green voice [deleted] 8 years ago
I Need to see pics an stats of u guys to
green voice [deleted] 8 years ago
Need to be able to play daytime an during the week
stale fnord [deleted] 8 years ago
i could be in depending on the where and when
tbmarineconst 8 years ago
contact me...
oldfartcoach34 8 years ago
Day time during the week is best for me!!, still need to know where and we can work on the when!
green voice [deleted] 8 years ago
It will be in Vicksburg during the week days from 10 to about 2 or so
oldfartcoach34 8 years ago
Vicksburg I can make, just need a litte advanced warning so can make arrangemments to get there.
stale fnord [deleted] 8 years ago
between 10 and 2 is perfect for me !!!! do we need to meet first and see if everyone clicks?
green voice [deleted] 8 years ago
i posted pics of her body i will have to meet her to get more pics .... that will be fun... to see pics ur goin to have to add me as friend and please have pics of u in your profile or you will be cut out of the deal... thanks
btrying_51 8 years ago
I am able for daytime during the week in Vicksburg
need few days notice so can arrange coverage at work, but love to help her out
jxnfireman2 8 years ago
Im open for a gang bang hit me up
dark engine [deleted] 8 years ago
I can definitely join in if I have notice so I can get to the Vicksburg area. I travel there for work and day time gangbang sounds great to me.

I am 34, about 6'2, I have about 5 inches or so and medium thickness.
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