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sarah hornik 1:33pm, 17 January 2007
Hi everyone!

I'm thrilled to see there are lots of new members in the group - and lots of gorgeous bead photos! Welcome to all the newcomers!

In the hope of getting some discussion going here, I thought it might be nice to start a link thread - if you're interested, post a link to your website / blog, so we can get to know you a little better!

I'm www.glassbysarah.com.
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monkeybluesglass 12 years ago
ok, sounds like fun.
I'm www.Monkeyblues.etsy.com
monkeybluesglass 12 years ago
Sarah your beads are beautiful.
sarah hornik 12 years ago
Thanks monkeyblues!

I love your work, especially the teapots! They are adorable!
water-fall 12 years ago
here's mine


think I need to strip and down and rebuild it - starting to look old
AnneDundas 12 years ago
I'm Anne and my website is www.annedundas.com

I've just moved my blog there as well, thought it made more sense to have everything under the url.

At the moment I'm working on some lampwork beads and jewellery to enter in the competitions at this years Sydney Royal Easter Show, in Australia. I just hope the lampwork bead I have planned work out as they will be something I haven't tried before. I've been planning the designs in my mind, even dreaming about them of a night lmao

Anyway, enough rambling from me lol

Anne :D
CADglad 12 years ago
I've been collecting photos of my stuff on a page, but I wouldn't really call it a website. More of a scrap book. I like having my own play area; I have tried blogging and some other fun stuff, but right now it's stripped right down to the basics. I like it that way :)

Anne -- Good luck on your Easter show. Your beads are beautiful, I'm sure you'll do well.

sarah hornik 12 years ago
waterfall - great domain name! Your studio looks so cool - mine is just one big glass mess :-) I have glass rods and frit jars lying around all around the house. It's a miracle that I manage to get anything done in there.

Anne - nice site! Good luck with your competitions. I wish we had bead shows around here, they always sound like so much fun.

Kat - your work is beautiful! you have a great sense of color.

MORE websites please!!
CADglad 12 years ago
Thanks, Sarah! That means a lot coming from you. I'm walking on air.... :)
mattskiss99 11 years ago
Hi I am Kris I am new here but I have been lampworking for about six years~ I can't wait to go check out everyones' things!
my website: www.mattskiss99.etsy.com
my blog: mattskiss99.blogspot.com/
nelliemae 11 years ago
Hi Everyone!
Thanks for the invite Sarah... LOVE your stuff! Pity we live on opposite sides of the world! my blog/site is www.nelliemae.blogspot.com.
chrisgould321 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by chrisgould321 (member) 11 years ago
hi all

thank you for the invite Sarah...........

OK! I'm just going to check everyones sites out!
here's mine www.banglebeach.moonfruit.com
its mainly just pictures really - but when I get round to it I hope to improve it.
sarah hornik 11 years ago
Welcome ladies!
So glad you joined! :-)
Danibiju 11 years ago
villadesign 10 years ago
I see some familiar faces here!

Website: Villa Design
Blog: Musings of a Glass Artist
FormFire Glassworks 10 years ago
Billie Jean Little Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Billie Jean Little (member) 10 years ago
I'm new to the group.
website: www.billiejeanlittle.com
ahead crown [deleted] 10 years ago
samandsha 10 years ago
Hey, there. Sarah, I read your blog all the time and enjoy it much.
Here's my site: www.posh-abilities.com
There's links to my blog and more on my site.
Off to explore some of these other sites and stores.
Flame Force Five 10 years ago
Hi there

This is me - www.flameforcefive.com
Rowanberry Glass Art 10 years ago
hello, my website is www.rowanberryglassart.com
I have joined this group as a jewelry maker who has just realised how beautiful handmade lampwork can be. I have just made earrings from them at the moment and they are gorgeous.

I am hoping to find some contacts for supplies here.

Chameleons Photos PRO 10 years ago
Hello everyone, nice to see some of the usual suspects are already here ! Some beautiful websites and very yummy beads.

I am www.chameleondesigns.co.uk
Four Tails Lampwork 10 years ago
Hello! Lots of familiar names :)

Perpetual construction website: www.fourtailslampwork.com/
Blog and New Listings: fourtailslampwork.blogspot.com/ (discussion of glassblowing shards)
ETSY: fourtailslampwork.etsy.com

When I get home --- time to look at all the eye candy!
Hawley Studios 10 years ago
Hi! I'm new to the group! :)

My website is hawleyclanstudios.blogspot.com
greenbeadenvy 10 years ago
My name is Emma Green and I'm Critterholic........am I in the right place? LOL.
My site is www.beadenvy.co.uk
Kanna Glass Studios 10 years ago
Thanks, Sarah, for inviting all levels of lampworkers to join this group! I've been looking at this group and I thought it was for the advanced lampworkers. I seriously love your art. It's so much fun to watch the ideas pour out of your head into your beads. Lovely, happy chaos!
Lyn Foley Lampwork 10 years ago
Hi Y'all;

I'm a new member, thanks to your blog, Sarah.

Hee's my website: www.LynFoley.com
etsy: www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5421538
Blog One (Lampwork) : www.lynfoleylampwork.com/
Blog two (book I'm writing) : goanywaymemoir.blogspot.com/

Love seeing all the great beads being made! I live way out in the countryside in central Texas and don't get to see other beadmakers much except on the internet. Thanks for the group.
FormFire Glassworks 10 years ago
sweetwaterdesigns Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sweetwaterdesigns (member) 7 years ago
Hello to everyone..I'm in your boat Lyn, there aren't many who melt glass where I live. Which means people have no idea what lampwork is so I usually use the term flamework which makes a little more sense to me. My site is here:
Sweetwater Designs and my blog is here:
craftedgems 10 years ago
Hey guys, i'm a UK based lampworker, i see a few other UK'ers on here, my site is www.craftedgems.co.uk
fimosieraden.nl 10 years ago
I am a Polymer Clay artist, who loves this group because of the inspiration you all give me in colour, shape and pattern.
Love to see the beads here and the way you make them, probably will try this technique some time at a workshop,
my website is www.fimosieraden.nl

For some of you who want to try FIMO a time, I have always 5 free lessons (lessen) at my website, every month a new one.

greetings from the Netherlands,

Karin Robberse
glazdoll 10 years ago
Hi, new member here ^__^
Alaiyna B. Designs 10 years ago
mermaidglass 10 years ago
Hi, here is mine:

Patty Lakinsmith 10 years ago
Hello! I just joined, and see that there's lots of wonderful beads here.

Here are my sites:

Etsy shop:

my website is a mess, but here it is:

and my blog:
mtbeader 10 years ago
Hi, I joined a while back, but haven't posted anything for a long time. here is my web site, newly revised.

kristienberghs 10 years ago
This is me: www.aarghh.be and my blog. I sell just my jewelry -in which I integrate my glass beads. It's a kick to create a necklace or a ring or so completely from scratch, starting out with some glass rods and a coil of silver wire... ;-)

Thanks for the inspiration everyone, I love coming here and losing myself in the seemingly endless stream of glass pretties!

breezy books [deleted] 10 years ago
Deborahs Glass Beads 10 years ago
Hi, I am Deborah Herzog and my website is:
notdotcalm 10 years ago
I'm new, just signed up for the group today.

Here's a link to my site:


Gonna go look around!
Hi all,
I'm new here.
The link to my Etsy site:


Bumpy Beads 10 years ago
Hello! I'm Heather and I'm new here too.

This is my site; www.BumpyBeads.co.uk

My Blog; bumpybeads.blogspot.com/

Links to Flickr, Etsy and Folksy are on my website :)
lorinicolls 10 years ago
Hi, Im new here too......
Great to see everyones sites.....!!

I love internet traveling thru all the beady pics....
Great work everyone! Lov'n the eye candy!!

Here is my site if you have time to look:

I show alot of new work on my BLOG.....

Well, its great to meet everyone....
Hope to see some more posting soon!
Hey Sarah.....I read your blog religiously....thankyou for being such an inspiration.

:) Lori Nicolls
Olimera 10 years ago
Hi, im new too...:)

soon ım going to share my website aswell...

Ümmihan ...x
Diego R. 10 years ago
I'll post my girlfriend's flickr, she loves beads, fimo & that kind of things, and I'm the one who makes the pictures ^^

*Robin* PRO 10 years ago
Hi everyone - can't wait to visit all these websites - although I have been to a few already.

I just finished redesigning my website again - it is eleven years old today!

beadysam Posted 10 years ago. Edited by beadysam (member) 10 years ago
Here's my site if anyone wants a look?
glassy lassy 10 years ago
i only have my etsy page right now. It was enough work just to get that set up.
i am looking forward to looking at everyone's sites.
Glassy Eyed Sue 10 years ago

I'm Glassy Eyed Sue from the Pacific Northwest at the base of Mount St. Helens. I have posted some photos of the animals I have living around me on my site:

Samantha Halliwell 10 years ago
Hi I am Sam from Kent England, been doing this glass thing for a little over a year. my website is www.aurorabeadz.co.uk

LushLampwork 10 years ago
I just realised I forgot to sign this thread! I'm a UK lampworker, my website is www.lushlampwork.co.uk

I'd love some more signatures in my guest book ;0)
pinar hakim 10 years ago
Hi ,i am Pinar from istanbul,turkey
here is the link to my website.

eCrafty.com Posted 10 years ago. Edited by eCrafty.com (member) 10 years ago
Hello - I'm Kim at Rubber Nation Stamps Beads Crafts - Our site is 10 years old this year ~ always at LEAST 40 new items monthly. We're hoping to carry some US lampwork glass art in 2009. Stop by and see what's in store!

Rubber Nation Stamps Beads Crafts
Rubber Nation's Blog
Rubber Nation's Newsletter (current issue)
Rubber Nation's New Items
Save $5 Monthly Subscribe to our Newsletter/Member's Only codes
Faerie Wishes Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Faerie Wishes (member) 9 years ago
Hi my name is Elaine, I am new to this group and to lampworking. I already know a few of you here. I have a new website

I have beads and jewellery now

my blog

heartofglassbeads PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by heartofglassbeads (member) 9 years ago
Hello, I'm Avril. My website is www.avrilbowie.com
pixiewillowdesigns PRO 10 years ago
My name is Lorna and I'm from the UK.
My website is www.pixiewillowdesigns.com
TuttAltroVetro PRO 10 years ago
Hello! I'm new in this group and new on Flickr. I dont have a website, all my pictures are posted here....
I like all your works! they are beautifull...

Bye now
attractive reason [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi everyone! Here's mine -
excited vessel [deleted] 10 years ago
Hi, I am Sandi and here is my website:

I am using it more as a blog and for pictures right now.
Lutrick 10 years ago
Hi there. I have a website, finally.

Katzeye Kreations PRO 10 years ago
Hi, just joined your group :) I am Carolyn from Australia. Here is my website. www.katzeyekreations.com
hi...it is www.evihan.com...I have also facebook group www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=8107952020


Dora Schubert 10 years ago
Hey Sarah, thanks for the invite! My website link is www.doraschubert.com

I have a blog too - www.doraschubert.blogspot.com

Josephine Wadman 10 years ago
Hi, I've just joined this group. I've only just got round to using Flickr.
My website is www.josephinewadmandesigns.com
eCrafty.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by eCrafty.com (member) 9 years ago
Hello crafty souls! We've been on the web for TEN years now! We're daydreaming of the South Seas this month (JAN09) at Rubber Nation Stamps Beads Crafts - our website is www.rubbernation.com. Type in WINTERSALE in your promo box at checkout and get $5 off any order of $10 or more (same as free shipping) Here's a link to our JAN09 South Seas Daydreams Newsletter www.ll-0.com/osn_603081_851483/index000321205.cfm?x=bf34W... Happy winter - happy creating! Kim N at www.RubberNation.com
glasperlenwerk 9 years ago
What a good idea! Here is mine: www.glasperlenwerk.at
CU there!
sandrathomasphoto Posted 9 years ago. Edited by sandrathomasphoto (member) 9 years ago
islandgirl-le 9 years ago
I'm here... www.fireballbeeds.com

Lynne aka islandgirl
Gillianbeads Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Gillianbeads (member) 9 years ago
Hello everyone!

I'm a Canadian lampworker and jewellery maker.

Here's where I hang out:
rverk47 9 years ago
i'm very new to flickr, not sure how this works but here goes
Sheila Morley 9 years ago
I make sculptures with holes!

moonfairyglass 9 years ago
Just joined the group!! Hello fellow artist!
My name is Michele, I'm from central Florida and
my website is www.moonfairyglass.com
JungleBeads 9 years ago
Hi all!

I'm Cheryl and I live in Maui, Hawaii. I don't have a web site as I'm not real sure I'll continue to keep the JungleBeads name! But here's my flickr address:
Design Fischlein PRO 9 years ago
Hi all,

just joined the group, love all the many beads I've seen just over the last 15 minutes and there is so much more to see and sites to visit (will I ever be able to get off my computer, I wonder...). My name is Angela, I live in Germany where I do my artsy things among them glass beads and little glass sculptures. My site is: www.design-fischlein.de
See you
rverk47 9 years ago
Hi this is a link to my etsy site. Let me know what you think I have really been working hard at improoving my pictures.
hotglassoasis 9 years ago
rverk47 -I saw your work yesterday and love love love the floral designs! I think the pics are great! Anyway, here's my shop: http:/www.hotglassoasis.etsy.com
rverk47 9 years ago
thxx hotglassoasis i appreciate the positive feedback..i love daisy type flowers and i love being able to make them on beads..how long have you been "flickring"
Glass By Girlfriday 9 years ago
Hello! My website is www.glassbygirlfriday.com

It has all sorts of useful and useless stuff on it...
hotglassoasis 9 years ago
I am a newbie for sure-just got into to it this week! :) Having a blast getting to know everyone though! So much talent out there!
sue armitage 9 years ago
Hi everyone!
I've only been making beads since Oct 08, and yesterday I set up my website hope you like it! www.glassbeadsbysue.co.uk .

I live in West Yorkshire love to meet up with other glass bead makers.
hotglassoasis 9 years ago
Lovely site, Sue!! Welcome!
ultra fang [deleted] 9 years ago
Our beads aren't nearly as pretty as all of yours, but you can still check them out and make fun of them! :)


Lovely work, we bow down to all of you! :)
janeldudleybeads 9 years ago
Hi I just joined the group! Hello!

Here's a link to my Etsy..

my Artfire..
sublimebeads 9 years ago
Hi, I've been posting pics for a while but have never introduced myself.

I'm Kate from Yorkshire, England :0)

Gorgeous work here, I spend far too much time drooling.

My Website is....

and my Ety sshop is....
Jeanniesbeads 9 years ago
I'm Jeannie - from Canada

It is great to see so many lampworkers -

Link to Etsy is www.jeanniesbeads.etsy.com
Link to my blog is www.jeanniesbeads.blogspot.com

I just found the gadget to add "followers" to my blog, and I'd love it if some of you would follow my blog - I only have two followers, one of whom is my daughter -
lemon kitten 1 PRO 9 years ago
Here's my website. Not a lot there at the moment. I'm off on hols soon and will add to it when I return (in about 10 days). Have a look anyway www.lemonkittenglassbeads.co.uk.

Jnaey x
brsuich 9 years ago
Lots of great beaders in this group,
here's my etsy link,


thanks for dropping by,
Redside Designs 9 years ago
Rockpooljewels Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Rockpooljewels (member) 9 years ago

Mine is www.rockpooljewels.com

I am also on facebook, search rockpooljewels.

nemea designs 9 years ago

I don't make glass beads (well, one day, I live in hope), I just like to play with them!

Thank you for all the glassy gorgeousness you guys share here!
jt-julery 9 years ago
hi everyone!
my site is www.jt-handmade.ru hope you like it=) it`s in Russian
BeetleBeads 9 years ago
Hi Everbody!

I am glad to find this group!
My name is Willi and am a lampworker from southern Germany.

My website: www.beetlebeads.de
Lone Ringskaer Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Lone Ringskaer (member) 9 years ago
Just joined this group.

I am to be found at www.loneringskaer.dk

In there you can also find my blog (so far only in Danish, I´m afraid)
Just joined the group. My website is www.louiselittle.com

I also cohost a blog at www.thelampworkedbeadsite.com

Love all the beads!
Debra Clutter 9 years ago
My name is Debra Clutter. My website is www.cluttercreations.com.
Sarah will see herself on my front page. I have a lampwork diary on the site showing some of my beads and the glass I used. Not all of them are great, but that is what a diary is about! The good and bad.
Oimillie 9 years ago
Hi Sarah

Fancy meeting you here! I hope everything is fine with you. I have my website set up now:


Hope you like it!


Patricia by Oimillie
perlen-hexerei 9 years ago
hello, my website is www.perlen-hexe.de
glassbeadexpressions 9 years ago
birchtreejewelry Posted 8 years ago. Edited by birchtreejewelry (member) 8 years ago
Hi, my website is www.birchtreejewelry.com
Stone Designs 8 years ago
Hi! I'm new here.Here's my website:
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