Andrew Newson 1:21pm, 2 April 2007
Hi all.

Afer realising my Yashica Electro rangefinder was mis aligned, I decided to trawl the internet to see if it could be fixed easily.

I fixed mine and thought I'd share my thoughts...

Forgive me if this has already been brought up here before.

Luke H 14 years ago
I welcome any tech articles to the group, so post away.

With it aligned at infinity, have you measured it at 2.6feet (or whatever the minimum focus is)?

My GS that I use most of the time is off by about 2 inches at minimum focus (back focuses) and I just compensate for it, knowing about it.

I have been to afraid to break the seal on those adjustment screws ;-)
Andrew Newson 14 years ago
I haven't, when I first used the camera the other week, I noticed that focusing at infinity, I could never quite align the rangefinder. When I got the first roll back, I noticed that it was back focusing by a few inches.

I should say I haven't run a film through since this alignment and will of course keep this thread updated. But I followed some instructions I found online and it all seems to be good.

Spencer P 14 years ago
I think that mines just a little bit off so i'll give this a go. Although I only notice it when im at infinity so I don't know if that is fully a problem?
Thanks anyway though :)
Andrew Newson 14 years ago
I think, chances are if it's off at infinity, it will be off throughout.

But please, don't just take my word for it, I'm no expert really.
Andrew Newson 14 years ago
and thanks Luke for all your advice on getting one of these beauties.
Metrix X 14 years ago
I had problems with some part of the rangefinder binding with the lens near infinity. Took it apart re Yashica guy and matt's instructions. Found out it was something to do with the frame lines. Then I realigned the infinity point and vertical. Now the 2.6' focus is off back focusing all the way up the range, For the life of me I can't understand the instruction to correct the the near focus point there are two screws down there and none of them seem to do anything. Any help would be appreciated.

owlsplace 14 years ago
If you really want to check the focus you will need to put a ground glass at the film plane, focus on a target, check the distance scale ring, adjust it to match the target distance, then adjust the rangefinder. It is more important to have the rangefinder accurately adjusted at close focus than at infinity because of the limited depth of field.
Andrew Newson 14 years ago
I realise your issue, I'm new to this and I just assumed if you set the infinity, everything else would be good, luckily it was for me.

I would think that owlsplace suggestion is a good one. The film plane is going to be very near the back of the camera, so measuring from there to a focus point, ie. the measurements on the lens ring should do it.

gryff0n 14 years ago
I realize this is a redundant question, but what kind of small screwdriver has everyone used to get that damn hot shoe dust cover off with ? I used the smallest eyeglass flat-head screwdriver I own but I just ended up scratching things ... perhaps I'm doing it incorrectly? I'm trying to get the head underneath the section nearest the lens, and then lift it up and pull it out.. that's what I gathered from the instructions, anyway.

Thanks everyone,
Armando Alberto 14 years ago
By the way, does anyone know the minimum focusing distance?
Pierre Val AKA f4arm01 14 years ago
Hi guys. This is quite an old post so I hope someone will still be around to help. I tried to adjust the rangefinder on my electro using a ground glass. I did get something pretty accurate at close distance (which was initially off) but now infinity focus is completely off. Does anyone know if there are two different screws to set infinity versus close focus distances ?

Cheers, Pierre.
owlsplace 14 years ago
I think the Yashica Guy covers this fairly well if I remember correctly. Basically, set the one meter adjustment first. The post that contacts the actuating lever on the back of the lens mount has an eccentric cam. Use it to set the rangefinder at one meter. The infinity setting is accessed from the top. There is a large cross slotted screw. Oftentimes it is very tight and not easy to move. Of course having the rangefinder accurate in the 3-10 foot range is much more important than at infinity since the depth-of-field is very limited here especially at the wide apertures this camera is famous for...Roger
Matiiss Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Matiiss (member) 11 years ago
Hello, I am having a little problem after I replaced my viewfinder. I noticed, that when focus was set to infinity, images in viewfinder didn't align, so I tried turning screw what is accessible from flash hot shoe, but unfortunately images still weren't aligned.

I also tried turning small screw what is accessible when battery check panel is removed, but it gave no results.

Here I have attached picture, where you can see, that images aren't aligned. Is there something more that I should adjust?

edjpgcom 11 years ago
Divkosis, you may have to pull your top off and realign the rangefinder assembly to the camera frame. It's sometimes taken me several tries to get a RF assembly back in just the right spot where it can be properly adjusted.
Matiiss 11 years ago
A lot of thanks to you, it worked!

It was possible to move RF about 1mm and that was enough to successfully calibrate infinity distance without problems.
Atomic Citrocity 10 years ago

I just came across this thread. I'm also a new owner of the Yashica Electro 35 gsn. My rangefinder wasn't aligned at infinity, so I decided to follow the instructions Andrew Newson posted...though I'm quite new at this.

It worked! Except, my screwdriver slipped at one point :/

My question is, what exactly is in front of that screw? or more like in the corner of the screw? And what's the worst possible scenario for having a scratch on that structure? (Although it felt like the screwdriver scratched against the bottom surface near the screw and veered off to the corner and didnt seem to hit anything...)

Anyway, any sort of help would be appreciated.

Thank you!
Hello Canuto 7 years ago
Andrew Newson:

Hello, Andrew. I know this is an old thread but I try to see your instructions (link) but they seem not to be there anymore. :(

I am having a hard time figuring out the Yashica Guy instruction about this. Right now I have a Yashica Lynx 5000e that doesnt seem to focus correctly and would really appreciate any help. Thanks.
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