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  • STICKY  Results!

    We're super excited to announce the winners of the 3rd annual Summer Joust! The ...

    -soccerkid617 months ago25 replies

  • STICKY  Thoughts and Feedback

    We really appreciate hearing your thoughts and suggestions for this contest. Wit...

    -soccerkid617 months ago26 replies

  • Questions

    After you have read through the General Rules, Info, and Discussion topic, feel ...

    -soccerkid618 months ago100 replies

  • Medieval Industry Collaboration Entry Topic

    Assemble a team of builders, and showcase a medieval industry! Each build should...

    -soccerkid618 months ago10 replies

  • General Rules, Info, and Discussion

    Welcome to the 3rd annual Summer Joust! -------------------------------...

    -soccerkid618 months ago45 replies

  • 12x12 Vignette Entry Topic

    Create any medieval scene you can imagine, only one catch, it has to fit on an 1...

    -soccerkid618 months ago49 replies

  • Creature Entry Topic

    Dragons! Bears! Horses! Elephants! Build whatever sort of creature you like, whe...

    -soccerkid618 months ago31 replies

  • Mesoamerican Setting Entry Topic

    There is much more to the medieval time period than just European castles. Show ...

    -soccerkid618 months ago17 replies

  • 48x48 Castle Entry Topic

    Time to make your own magnificent fortress! Your castle should be a fully enclos...

    -soccerkid618 months ago14 replies

  • Interior Entry Topic

    Soaring great halls, comfortable bedrooms, and cozy kitchens. Any sort of mediev...

    -soccerkid618 months ago11 replies

  • Team Building: Medieval Industry Collaboration

    Looking for some team members to compete with you in the Medieval Industry Colla...

    -LittleJohn19 months ago21 replies

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