rapid power [deleted] 7:36pm, 4 July 2007
David, from kent county, in the uk, male 52, I shoot many different subjects, I am a member of a local camera club, as well as Flickr, I love the moment when you are browsing the images and you see that wow! image.

I started this group and another for everyday objects, which I just let tick along www.flickr.com/groups/everydayobjects/

gimlack PRO 11 years ago
Eric from California, USA. I have always enjoyed photography but got out of it for a while until I got a new Digital SLR. I take walks for exercise and shoot whatever looks good. I seem to get more birds then anything else.
sntballantyne 11 years ago
heya guys thanks for the invite, Simon 24 from somerset, been shooting with my D70 for around 3 years, enjoy taking photos of anything really!
butterfly blue 11 years ago
Amber from Ohio. I enjoy taking pictures..mostly friends and wildlife. I usually have my camera with me whenever I go somewhere:) Thanks David for starting this group:)
quicktiming 11 years ago
I'm Cliff. from Kalamazoo. I'm a wildlife and animal painter and my photos are of my paintings. I'm a mediocre photographer, but a pretty good painter. Always looking for a new wildlife related group, so I'm in if ya'll don't mind the paint.
Old Coddger 11 years ago
Thanks for the invite and starting the group, David
I'm Joe from south central Kentucky, USA. A 60 year old that has only recently (less than 4 months) started shooting digital pics. I have some experience with film some 25 years ago. The area I live in is rural, thus I will shoot whatever comes along. I do shoot quite a bit with the purpose the photos being on Columbiamagazine.com (a local, web only newpaper). I do enjoy wildlife pics, dry weather is driving some Black Bear out of the mountians east of here, our way, so i hoping for a shot at one these fellows.
Ricardo in PR 11 years ago
Hi I am Ricardo, I live in Puerto Rico,t he smallest of the Greater Antilles. I am a wildlife biologist and aviculturist. I manage the Puerto Rican Parrot captive propagation program for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of PR. Photography is my hobby as well as orchid growing. My work keeps me away from populated places for weeks at a time and most of the time is spent in secluded forested spots where there are very few people but many animals and plants. That gives me lots of opportunities to take photos of rare animals and plants. I like this group because it allows me to share those photos.
Blck_Panther 11 years ago
Hi there, I'm amber from BC Canada. I love taking pictures, a huge hobby of mine. I like to take pictures of my children and my family. Thanks for adding my picture to your gallery :o)
Simian Cephalopod 11 years ago
Hello, I'm Isaac from San Francisco. I am new to Flickr and DeviantArt, but am really having a blast with it. I hop around when it comes to subject matter, but do a great deal of outdoor nature photography so hopefully will be able to contribute to the collection here.

-Isaac (aka the Simian Cephalopod)
wquatman PRO 11 years ago
Ola. My name is Bill. I´m a North American, born in Dayton, Ohio, spent much of my life in Louisville, Ky. Travelled extensively throughout North America, and presently live in the Brazilian Amazon. I got into photography as a result of my outdoor activities, got out of it, got back in to support my wife´s work and was born again with digital a few years ago. As much as I want to expand my expertise, I can´t get very interested in anything but wildlife and landscape photography.
I hope we can have a productive relationship here.
kukkurovaca PRO 11 years ago
Greetings. Nick, from the East Bay (the bay in question being the one next to San Francisco). I don't see much wilderness, but I happen to work near the Lake Merritt channel, which is a popular hangout for quite a few bird species.
speshul41 11 years ago

I'm fairly new to flickr. I'm based in Honolulu, but I've been away for about a year and a half. I work as a driller for an environmental sampling company and I'm getting ready to do a documentary on Endangered Species in Hawaii. All my shots so far have been with my canon powershot A85 (4mp). Its a great compact digital camera, but I'll be upgrading to a DSLR in the next few months. I'll be putting togther a collection called "living thing" on my page soon (right now my PCT trek makes up the only collection I have and all the 'living things' are mixed through out).
relieved manner [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi everybody. I am James and from the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. I am quite new to flickr and photography. After standing watching the amazing dolphins in the Moray Firth I decided to buy a camera and have a go. I will tell you, it aint easy. These are big, fast and very hard to predict animals. They are graceful, playful, beautiful but also aggressive. Watching them hunt is quite a sight. Hopefully I can capture them on camera to share with you all. All pictures are taken from the shore unless stated otherwise. The animlas come in really close, 20metres, closer depending on the tide level.

Enjoy and thanks for letting me share with the group.
rosiet3 11 years ago
Hi I am Rosie I am a sparkpeople.com shutterbugs member. I hike the beautiful Bruce Trail along the UN World Heritage Site, The Niagara Peninsula. Today July 15 on our walk I happened on an endangered species. A big one too. I saw one of these about a foot long nearly 20 years ago, but today I had a camera. AHA. I had to post these two pics, not the best pics, but hey I couldn't ask would he move into the shade or the sun instead of on the edge. I didn't even think shoot shoot shoot shoot. I just took these two.
Graham Johnston 11 years ago
I'm Graham from Galway. I'm a very amateur photographer, interested in wildlife, and mostly shoot birds as they are easiest to find! I also spend a couple of months a year at sea so also have a lot of marine shots, although thanks to the weather we get here, most of them are very grey.
valronty 11 years ago
Hey, thanks for the invite. I'm Valronty (16) from California, but at the moment most of my pictures are taken in England, during a recent trip. I really don't have much skill with a camera, and even less with photoshop, so my pics are pretty much the way they were snapped. I use a Nikon.
saintkristin 11 years ago
hello i am saintkristin and i'd like to thank you for the invitation to your group. i shoot with a cannon rebel here in NYC and beond. i love people, i love animals, i love to capture thier souls for my collection. xok
Brian McPhee Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Brian McPhee (member) 11 years ago
hi all
Brian from glasgow here very new to photography but lovin every minute!!
i have a nikon d50
18-55mm dx lens
17-300mm g lens

some great pics on here
michaelschollum 11 years ago
H everyone!. I'm Michael from Auckland, New Zealand. I have just recently just started to get serious with photography and am loving every minute of my new Nikon D40 camera.

blair_costelloe PRO 11 years ago
Blair from Louisville, Kentucky. I've been in San Diego for the summer and will soon be in Saint Louis, where I went to school. I am 22 and trying to begin a career in wildlife research and conservation. First step is grad school which I hope to attend next fall. Until then I am working a variety of low-paying and no-paying internships at zoos.

I'm new to Flickr and definitely an amateur at photography. Any critiques or comments are definitely welcome! I usually shoot with a Sony DSC -P200 but sometimes get my hands on my parents' Canon Rebel XT.

Thanks for inviting me!
Jack Picknell PRO 11 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Jack from Chatham, Kent, UK. I first started using an SLR back in the 1970s (yes, I am over 21!), but have only recently renewed my interest in photography after many years of just taking the odd snap here an there.

Earlier this year I treated myself to a Canon 400d which now gets used almost daily. I enjoy natural history and wildlife, as it tends to get you away from "busy" world!

Thanks for the invite David.
swampdoc25 11 years ago
Hi, I'm Tim from Baton Rouge. I've had an Olympus Evolt 500 for about 18 months, and have taken several thousand pictures with it. I'm a veterinarian, so I like to do animal shots when I can.

Thanks for the invite, there are some great pictures on this site!
present cast [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi, My name is Ryan. I've been into photography for a few years now. I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel XT. Please leave me some comments!
pandeysameer 10 years ago
Hi!, I am Sameer, I love to shoot pictures especially wildlife. I shoot with my sony DSC H9
Hi all, just read everyone's intro, I am Dan from North Pole Alaska and taking wildlife photos is my life's dream. I just went digital last year, (swore i never would) and love digital now. Shoot an Canon 20d, using exclusively Sigma Lenses.
plainoldjustin 10 years ago
Hi! I'm Justin from Huntsville, AL (originally Fairbanks, AK) and I'm really only getting started in Wildlife photography. I love photography and everything that can be expressed without words!
sundownpics 10 years ago
Hey! Paul from Canastota,NY. Love taken pics of everything. Nature and photos are the best hobby.
teenie_twin 10 years ago
Hello! I am Tina, from Ohio. I am fortunate enough to live in an area with a lot of wildlife refuges and preserves. Beyond wildlife, my main photo subjects are my friends, family and my pets! I love to learn and share with my Flickr friends!
jasperschwartz 10 years ago
Jasper from Montreal Quebec. I am hoping to someday be able to do professional wildlife photography, but for the time being I guess it's more of a serious hobby I indulge whenever I get the chance. I shoot on a Nikon D300 right now, and usually use an 80-200mm lens, although for a recent trip to Kenya I rented a 200-400mm lens. Amazing time!
k.f.photo PRO 10 years ago
Hello, I'm Karl from the North of Scotland. I love the wildlife up here in the north. My gear for wildlife is a Nikon D300 with an 80 - 200 / f=2.8 AF-S and a 400 / f=5.6 Sigma APO Macro.
Learning to Click.. 10 years ago
Hi !!

I am Kunal Chitre from Mumbai, India..

For me, Photography started as a Hobby and now it has become my Passion.. I have to travel a lot and learn a lot.. Just at a very initial stage..

But I Love to capture anything and everything that is Beautiful....

Ross here in Edinburgh,really only started to get into wildlife photography in the last couple of years after visiting Yellowstone NP.
Was so caught up by it all I had to visit again this year but for 9 days instead of 2!!
Mainly photographed sports and aviation up until then.

Marcin, 26, from Port Jefferson, Long Island. Grad student who always wanted to take wildlife photos and finally bought DSLR.

Photography helps me escape from my lab work and gives chance to experience the amazing beauty of nature. Peace...
Subrural Girl 10 years ago
I'm Lisa from southern Oregon. My husband and I are avid hikers and I Iove to take pictures of nature. Works out pretty good! All I have is a Panasonic DMC-LS75 but I get some nice shots. I also have a Canon AE-1 (Wow! Flashback!) I use sometimes. Someday I'll have my dream camera but for now I'm having a blast!
Jdann426 10 years ago
hi! I am from texas. Im fourteen and love photography. I shoot with a canon rebel xti. I have only won two contests and placed in a few, so im pretty new to this, but i absolutely love it!
srikanthgp 10 years ago
I'm Srikanth from Bangalore, India. I am into wildlife conservation with a team of 10 self motivated people, creating awareness about wildlife conservation from last 14yrs. Got into wildlife photography only from last six months. I use Nikon D40X with 70-300mm + 2X TC and have done a satisfying photography. Love to be in nature forever in wild.....
clumsy stretch [deleted] 10 years ago
hey, i'm kylie from washington state (WSU more specifically.. go cougs!) i use a nikon D50 and i'm into macro photography, although i love dabbling in all types :)
songwoman 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Pam from Soldotna, Alaska. I just got my first DSLR when I bought my Canon Xsi. I love it, I have a lot to learn and I'm hoping to learn more and more about taking good quality pictures.
Ian Dyer 9 years ago
Hi everyone I'm Ian from Wales, UK. I often go out to the countryside with the camera. Every now and again the wildlife will show it's face or do something interesting. My shots are not planned shots they are more "right place right time". There's no better way of learning how to improve my shots than by looking at others.
LEO_SA 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Clint from Johannesburg, South Africa. Contrary to what many may think, we don't have Lions strolling around in our back yard :)
But if you love the Wild, this is where you should be at! Some spectacular photos here...hope to learn from all and share some of the heart of Africa with you guys.
LG/BS4 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Libby from Bristol UK and am quite new to photography, please feel free to comment on any of my shots, comments always help :)
CCFreeze 9 years ago
Hi! I am Charlene from Dallas, GA in the USA. Please feel free to post comments on my photos. They are always welcome! Happy photographing!
photo.muse (Rachel) 9 years ago
Hello! Rachel from South Carolina here. Nature / Wildlife are my favorite subjects to shoot. Been into photography for a while but am relatively new to Flickr.
equilutionllc 8 years ago
Hi. I'm Jim from Tucson, AZ...and I'm a Nikon-aholic. "Hi, Jim!!!"

I'm an avid photographer of anything that won't shoot me first, a pilot, a golfer, and love mountain biking. I own a semi-conductor test equipment company here in Tucson, as well as J. Martin Harris Photography (www.jmartinharris.com). Hope to see some great shots in this group!!
Assasin Nator 8 years ago
hi all my nane is gareth probert i live in wolverhampton uk. i am 36 years old an love wildlife from all over the world so my photos are of wildlife and other animals .so i hope u will enjoy the photos i have taken thanks.ps this site wild about wildlife is good...........................................
sydeian 8 years ago
Hello I'm James I live in Hampshire. Very new to photography concentrating mainly on wildlife (both normal and macro) though there is the occasional bit of general nature photogrpahy.

Kit: Nikon D50
Sigma 70-300mm with macro (if anyone has this lens and it gets stuck in macro mode let me know and I'll tell you how to fix it!)
nikon 18-55mm kit lens

Would love some constructive feedback on my photos as I am so new to this!
Sandra Surtees PRO 8 years ago
Hi I'm Sandra and I live in Shropshire UK. I took up photography about two years ago and recently treated myself to a Canon 50D. I concentrate on wildlife photography (normal & macro). I am finding macro quite hard to master. Thank goodness for digital photography - I delete massive numbers just to get one or two that I think are good enough.
bite-sized rule [deleted] 8 years ago
Hello, my name is Rick Small and I am from South Carolina..... I have really started to get serious about wildlife/nature photography within the last 2-3 years.... One of my main drawbacks to improving my work has been the lens..... I have since bought a new camera, lens, tripod, and head in the last couple of months and am enjoying the learning curve that comes along with new equipement..... I now have a Canon 40d, 7d as my cameras and a 100-400L lens as my main go to lens.... The few photos that I have posted on my stream were taken with my new 7d + 100-400L lens..... I am really enjoying the photos in this group.... God bless and great shooting to all....
lethal hour [deleted] 8 years ago
Hi I'm Steve, from the bonnie land mass called Scotland. I love capturing images of a wide and varied selection of subjects, and have recently taken to wildlife. Although I do still love using my Canon AE1 Programme 35mm camera (which I have had for 25y), I invested in a D70s digital camera, one has to eventually move with the times I suppose :-}. I look forward to viewing and posting images in this group, all constructive comments, thoughts, and advice is most welcome. Happy shuttering.
CJ-M 8 years ago
Hi I'm Ceri ... I'm a keen photographer and get a real buzz when shooting images of wildlife. I use a Nikon D300 and a Sigma 170 - 500, a Sigma 105mm macro and my workhorse lens is a NIkon 18-200 VR. I love flickr and surf it most nights! I'd appreciate any comments you have on my wildlife or other pics! Thanks all!
Sea Lion NZ Sept 09 by CJ-M
Hello everybody my name is Chris hayward and am usually found walking the coasts, mountains and hills of the UK. I use a Nikon D90 with a nikon 70-200mm 2.8 lens plus macro and converters. Please visit my photos and i will gladly reciprocate with helpful comments and discussion. I live in Torbay England with the sea in front and Dartmoor just behind so i am very lucky

Dannyboy106 8 years ago
Hi I'm Daniel, live in the UK (Kent), got into photography about a year ago and have found something that i really love. At the moment im photographing anything and everything. Please comment on my work as i want to learn and improve. I have a Nikon d90.
K9BANDITO 8 years ago
Hi all my name is Paul and I live in Pa. I have a Nikon D90 with a variety of lenses. I like to shoot anything that may interest me at the time..Feel free to check my pics..
jmthompsonphoto PRO 7 years ago
Hello! My name is Jana and I am a wildlife and nature photographer living in the Black Hills of South Dakota . I shoot with a Canon 1DMIII and a variety of Canon lens. Besides sharing a wide variety of images here on Flickr, more of my images can be viewed on my website at www.jmthompsonphoto.com/ and I also spend way too much time on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pages/Thompson-Photography/87457787452 !
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