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Extremely beautiful bokeh
Extremely large areas of bokeh
Extremely high levels of bokeh
Extremely odd bokeh
Extremely unusual bokeh
Extremely colourful bokeh
Extremely B&W bokeh


  • Off-topic photos

    There sure seem to be a lot of them! Is there a moderator?

    Pete Tillman15 months ago3 replies

  • spam

    theres some porno pictures on here

    michaelasss20 months ago1 replies

  • No limit

    Bonjour, Flickr limite le nombre de groupes auxquels une photo peut être sou...

    p.franche burn out21 months ago1 replies

  • Any active admins?

    There are a growing number of non-bokeh photos in the pool. I can help out if I...

    slamto23 months ago2 replies

  • Test of vintage lenses, their sharpness and bokeh

    Hi everyone, if anyone is interested: I did some comparing of (most of) the 5...

    backsidewalkaround28 months ago1 replies

  • Hello!

    I am (of course), Silent Night Walker, I like to post things like nature, city, ...

    Mr. Life Owl38 months ago0 replies

  • 50 1.2L vs 85 1.2L

    i know both of these lenses have a wide open aperture at f/1.2L but don't know w...

    JimPicturess41 months ago5 replies

  • Images that are 90 - 100% Extreme Bokeh

    Yeah, we are talking EXTREME Bokeh here. What have you taken that has nothing, o...

    Steve_C50 months ago475 replies

  • What would it take?

    I'd really like to be able to take nice short depth of field photos in camera in...

    fair alarm52 months ago4 replies

  • Post your favorite nature bokeh!

    Hi, my name is Taylor and I really love bokeh. I also love nature bokeh, so pos...

    taylorweath56 months ago84 replies

  • Serious Bokeh with Major Monochrome

    This is where you can display your best bokeh pics where there is a total lack o...

    Steve_C58 months ago126 replies

  • New group: Bokeh of vintage primes

    I love this great group with all those amazing bokeh photos, but I decided anywa...

    .: mike | MKvip Beauty :.62 months ago0 replies

  • Extreme Bokeh....

    Some times the wind seem to also come into play!

    Tread Travels62 months ago0 replies

  • Invitation!!!!

    Invitez tous vos contacts à venir partager leurs photos d'oiseaux dans ce group...

    Curieux de nature...sheldon150672 months ago0 replies

  • confusing

    For me the distinction between dof and bokeh is sometimes confusing. I thought t...

    Loek.78 months ago5 replies

  • The definative Bokeh photo...

    The photo that explains what bokeh means. It screams bokeh. It makes everything ...

    Steve_C82 months ago2 replies

  • Bokeh Processing without effecting softness.


    harmondo89 months ago0 replies

  • Fire away with critics and suggestion

    Okay, you asked for it you got it. To learn and to improve my skill was the reas...

    ic3ny98 months ago8 replies

  • Extreme bokeh doesn't always work

    I love my lenses mostly for their bokeh, but recently I took some pictures that ...

    LeftEyeShooter101 months ago1 replies

  • Nice Bokeh=Nice Lens (sorry)

    begin rant: You would think that it's photographic skill that creates "nice b...

    gibbygoo102 months ago16 replies

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