Nick Benson Photography PRO 9:28pm, 21 March 2011
I'd like to see people's opinions on the definition of a portrait, after discussing this topic with a few friends of mine, it opened up quite the discuission, which turned into a bit of an opinionated arguement with no end.

I'm curious to see how the flickr community views this classification of photography.

So, first off, What is your definition of Portraiture/Portrait Photography?

Does it differ of how the photograph is composed, or what the subject is?

Do you think a photograph of an animal is defined as a portrait as well?

Thanks for your feedback!
Ignatius Ng 5 years ago
I think these terms can always be quite subjective.
A portrait focuses on a subject, and the composition will emphasize the subject. I definitely think an animal photo can be called a portrait. It does depend on the lighting and the way you frame the photo though. For example, I wouldn't just call an ordinary photo of an animal at the zoo a portrait, unless you capture a specific moment that distinguishes it from the typical animal.

Here are some of my "portraits"

Looking Ahead

and my dog!
Enjoying the colours of Fall
ea83 4 years ago
So, you're asking for a literal definition instead of a working demonstration? Kind of like exploring photography through a cultural theory course, instead of a hands-on studio course.
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