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MFZ group members! Please post only one photo per build. If you post more than one, it will get pruned. I'd rather not do that, so help me to help you to help me to help you. Or something. And remember: this group is for the Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack game. Please don't just post your non-MFZ designs here to boost your views.


  • STICKY  Essential Parts List

    Because I always do what Malcolm says. Let's start assembling a list of parts...

    [Soren]11 months ago9 replies

  • STICKY  CAD Files

    Some simple rules - Only post links to files here. Requests for models will be ...

    [Soren]31 months ago5 replies

  • STICKY  Group Rules - Updated 16/09/13 (New and old members: read!)

    Rules update: Section 1: info on posting spacecraft, ships, and vehicles. Thi...

    Malcolm Craig33 months ago0 replies

  • Problems Uploading?

    Anyone else having problems adding pictures to the group?

    Mantis.King8 months ago1 replies

  • Group name change?

    With Intercept Orbit coming out soon enough, the name of the group should probab...

    SeraphimKnight11 months ago0 replies

  • Where are you?

    I'm curious as to the location of everyone who plays Mechaton, and I know that w...

    Ianator12 months ago61 replies

  • Uk mfz

    Hi everyone, I've joined the group in the hopes of maybe finding people this ...

    Jandyman12 months ago2 replies

  • The Transit Gate : A Mobile Frame Zero Podcast

    Heya! The first MFZ podcast will be starting up shortly! Check it out! Websit...

    Mitten Ninja13 months ago0 replies

  • Alpha Bandit Kickstarter

    The next installment for Mobile Frame Zero has started its Kickstarter. MFZ: Ap...

    Mantis.King13 months ago0 replies

  • For those having trouble registering at the Mobile Frame Hangar forums.

    Hi guys, anyone who has had troubles registering at the Mobile Frame Hangar foru...

    dukayn6616 months ago40 replies

  • Mobile Frames size

    Hi all, forgive my ingenuity, how big are supposed to be the MFs? I guess there'...

    Wiseman_Lego18 months ago4 replies

  • problem with the hangar

    Hey, Is anybody else getting this error message when opening up the mobile frame...

    milt6946621 months ago2 replies

  • Comments on the group rules?

    If you have any comments on the recently instituted rules for the group, please ...

    Malcolm Craig23 months ago6 replies

  • Mechatonic Blog Update Thread

    For those of you that don't know, as well as moderating the MFZ Flickr group, I ...

    Malcolm Craig25 months ago6 replies

  • The MFZ Support Frame Design Contest

    To celebrate the imminent release of the Mobile Frame Zero book, we've decided t...

    Malcolm Craig27 months ago22 replies

  • Support Frame Design Contest: Submission Thread

    This thread is for submissions ONLY. If you wish to discuss the contest, please ...

    Malcolm Craig27 months ago52 replies

  • Frame Galleries

    MFZ enthusiasts may be interested to know that I've taken it upon myself to put ...

    Malcolm Craig28 months ago0 replies

  • MFZ Google+ Community

    There's now a community for Mobile Frame Zero over on Google+.

    Malcolm Craig28 months ago0 replies

  • Basic Parts List?

    I'm new to building frames for mechs. I don't actually have much of an existing ...

    albill29 months ago10 replies

  • Brickcon 2012

    I'll be there and bringing my MF0:H2O stuff. Anybody else going?

    onosendai260032 months ago0 replies

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