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RB Adapter Dismantle?

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B-9 says:

Hello all, I just recently purchased a Pro-S revolving back adapter and it seems a little stiff? Ide really like to seperate the 2 halves and give it a good cleaning is this possible?

I dont plan on using this on a Mamiya RB camera, im making my own 6X7/6X8 camera and simply bought this to easily mount my 120/220 power back to.

Another really important question I have is, the 4 lugs/screws used to attach the adapter to the camera, are these removable?

Ive tried removing them with a flathead screwdriver but they are on really tight and I fear ill destroy the slot with any more pressure.
Any input on how to get these out efficiently and safely?

12:30PM, 30 November 2010 PDT (permalink)

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epatsellis says:

yes their separable, there are 4 thin metal fingers that need to be removed, their function should be obvious when rotated half way.

The 4 lugs are removable as well, use a good quality wider blade screwdriver filed/honed down to fit and they'll come right out.
118 months ago (permalink)

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B-9 says:

It took my 2 minutes to modify a screwdriver and have the lugs out, Its now obvious to me why they where so stubborn, 30yr old locktite turned to dust created some serious friction. Now they are out and the threads are clean and im ready to find some long replacements at the hardware tomorow.

Im going to attempt to seperate and clean the track tonight.
Thanks again!

btw. What would be a good oil to use? to lube the track before reassembly?
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B-9 says:

Btw. sent you an email Mr. Patsellis regarding the same thing, also curious how you got your RB adapter to mount flush on your Toyo?

thanks again!
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