One time,

freekstreet 11:08am, 4 December 2006
I was bitten by a british woman in a bar....she then proceeded to step on the waitresses foot, thus by facilitating her speedy departure from the bar at the hands of security.

I hold all british women to this standard now when I meet them.
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
*burns with envy*
Ice Nine 12 years ago
*burns Wiffle*
maddog. 12 years ago

*gets prodded by neighbour, wearing a bra and belching loudly*
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
*pees on self to put out fire*
pixiepie 12 years ago
Sorry about that.

Really, it was love nip.....
pixiepie 12 years ago
I love nips....
maddog. 12 years ago
I heart styrofoam.
Melmoth the Wanderer 12 years ago
Many "Brits' don't feel that way no more. was said female english, irish, scottish, or welsh?

This will tell us if the bite was
stuck up (more a suck)
or stolen.
Melmoth the Wanderer 12 years ago
Not that I am being a fucken stereotypical tosshead wanker.

Or anything.
Melmoth the Wanderer 12 years ago
Did she look like this?


Or was she more a

maddog. 12 years ago
i like sheep.
mlizzy 12 years ago
noxious bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
I bet this was near the town of Hyde.

Because, you know,

There was a young lady from Hyde
Who ate a green apple and died
The apple fermented
Her husband lamented
And the apple became cider inside her inside

That's her?
maddog. 12 years ago
No, I think she was Greek.
noxious bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
There was a young lady from Greece
Who wore nothing but fleece
Her jewels were shiny
Her feet were tiny
But her hair smelled like grease.
freekstreet Posted 12 years ago. Edited by freekstreet (member) 12 years ago
she was from london but visiting hong kong.... with her mother....

and the mark lasted for 3 days. and she looked like the fish-car -thing above... do you know her?
kindly join [deleted] 12 years ago
my mom was a car
monkeywrench_2003 12 years ago
there was a freek street in hong kong
who raised chickens on the back of his long schlong
he was very discreet
with his chicken covered meat
and would only let ms. wong clean his ding dong 12 years ago
You haven't developed an irrational longing for tea and crumpets? You only go out on fog shrouded days. And you have lost the ability to stop looking at any tabloid with photo's of the Royal family? You haven't developed any silly walks, or eat spam, spam, spam, ham, eggs, and spam for breakfast?

She could have been a english wampyre.......
Pigs on the Wing1 12 years ago
ooooooooooooh if only Bodacious was English!!!!!!!
freekstreet 11 years ago
I do suddenly like spam.... like it like it's nobody's business....
kindly join [deleted] 11 years ago
spam is OFF!

Piggly: No good, I could never get down that driving on the wrong side of the road thing you do over there...

well not sober anyways.
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