buzzkaliber 6:38pm, 3 December 2006
again...amerika, land of the 'free', home of the clueless. Sorry, don't mean to be making a political statement, but I am...on the upscale west coast, rich, white and priviledged americans and doing what they do best; acting against the bill of rights and the right to 'freedom of expression'

Amerika, land of the 'free', home of the 'clueless'
noxious bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
Clueless because you usually spell America with a "C" instead of a "K"?
Buster Pickles 12 years ago
unless you're a commie!!!!
Buster Pickles 12 years ago
er, except in your case small comma big....

comma is different than commie, no?
JuLieT_ PRO 12 years ago
Has everyone died in here ??

Where are yoooooo ??
It's just Mark PRO 12 years ago
buzzkaliber has spammed this message in some other groups,as well.....
He needs to read the Constitution ,particularily the "Bill of Rights"...I don't recall "Freedom of Expression " being listed ,there....
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
I'm peeking in your windows, Juliet.
maddog. 12 years ago
exxxxxxcellent. this is so a political group....
Ice Nine 12 years ago
Just because you can't see yer security threat ID Maddog doesn't mean it's political.

I wonder how they'd cope with you. Special category?
Tarky7 12 years ago
I like your icon, maddog. Has a real holiday feel. It is really very Special !
Pacdog PRO 12 years ago
Maddog is truely a dog! Us dogs must stick together!! YeeHaa!!

flips all the Paw!!
*steve_gobeil* PRO 12 years ago
I think he is talking about britney and her lack of panties.

Tee Hee I just said panties.
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
I think they should be called pantsies.
maddog. 12 years ago
I call 'em pannies. Pannies from heaven.
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
i should refer to them as panzers because I'm more likely to penetrate a German tank.
pixiepie 12 years ago
Good luck with that Wiff. I hear they're easier than the laydee's.
noxious bulb [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by noxious bulb (member) 12 years ago
@Buster Pickles: The comma in my name is a direct reference to being a Communist, yes.
Buster Pickles 12 years ago
i knew it...
Buster Pickles 12 years ago
noxious bulb [deleted] 12 years ago
(*sighs silently, his cover all blown*)
mlizzy 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
maddog. 12 years ago
er, sorry.
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
*fires mortar round at panzers*
maddog. 12 years ago
Are you made of mortar?
various zoo [deleted] 12 years ago
very weak mortar—too much water.
eu4ria 11 years ago
what the fuck's up with the "k" in America? you're not cool you never will be.
*steve_gobeil* PRO 11 years ago
That counts as a bump and bumpinf threads gets you beaten by betsy.

noxious bulb [deleted] 11 years ago
Yes! Right on. This was a bump. You will be bumped, you watch.

Pierre (The only true Pierre)
eu4ria 11 years ago
I'll wear something accessible.
Tarky7 11 years ago
" AmeriKa "


*contemplates meaning on misspelling*

' I think that was done on purpose. '
monkeywrench_2003 11 years ago
i think it was done on a porpoise
Tarky7 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Tarky7 (member) 11 years ago
*Tarky swims with Flipper in private pool*

'Aahhh, I love this free country !'

*Flipper starts circling Tarky*

'And these wonderful mammals have a bigger brain than us, how wonderful !'

*does backstroke*

' sqwee sqwee*

*Flipper vocalizing*

'Hey ! Hey ! What are you doing ?!?"

*Flipper trying to mount Tarky*

'What the Fuck ?'

*Tarky tries to get out of pool*

*Flipper getting agressive*

'Oh My God ! Help ! This porpoise has a Penis'

*Tarky goes down under the water*

'Blub Blub'


' Sqwee ! Sqwee !*
betsymartian 11 years ago
Check out the fourth line up.

That's what makes you a tease.
Tarky7 11 years ago
"Save me Betsy ! I am being attacked by a Horny Porpoise "

*Tarky goes down again*

; )
betsymartian 11 years ago
that's the sequel.

like when Debbie Did Dallas.

Tarky7 11 years ago
*Tarky goes down again*

*and again !*

*and again !*

Tarky collapses with exhaustion at Betsymartian's feet.

*puff puff, need air*
betsymartian 11 years ago
easy tiger
Tarky7 11 years ago
* throws ferret at Betsymartian *

'You just think of me as a boy toy !'
antomic 11 years ago
did this just become a private conversation?

please forgive the intrusion....carry on...
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