Portrait Lens

Saj Ahmed 10:35pm, 27 May 2009
Hi everyone,
I own a d40x and been using it with standard 18-55 lens. I am interested in portrait photography and would like to know what is the best lens for it?
Could anyone please help me choosing one which does auto focus on d40x.
wrizzo64 PRO 9 years ago
There are only a few fixed-length AFS lenses out there right now, but the only ones that are an acceptable portrait length is the 105mm AFS VR and the new 60mm AFS. Both have gotten good reviews as portrait lenses. 60mm is too short for me, but if you want more body in your shots it might work better for you. I think they're both 2.8 so you should get some nice blur to your backgrounds and highlighting of your subjects.
Saj Ahmed 9 years ago
thank you so much for the respose, I went to a shop localy and had a look at 35mm 1.8 which looked pretty decent. What are other people's opinions on this lens?
any comments will be much appriciated.
wrizzo64 PRO 9 years ago
everyone says the 35mm is a great lens, and it's inexpensive! Have a look at the Flickr group for it, but it's too short for portraits- you will be too close to your subject, and the depth of field would be too small for the whole face to be in focus- even if you stopped the lens down, then you would lose your out-of-focus background, which would be a distraction to the viewer. The 55-200mm AFS VR is a nice lens to complement the kit lens, and it will also serve your portrait needs. It's also only a fraction of the cost of the 60mm and the 105mm mentioned above. This way, if you decide you don't like doing portraits, you still have a nice telephoto lens! And believe me, sooner or later you will want to go beyond 55mm focal length. If you do like it, you could get a dedicated portrait lens later
pictureman WA 7 years ago
I am looking at a 18-105 for head shots.. I hear it is a great lens for portrait work.
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