PhilWright69 9:47am, 3 August 2011
For those of you who are interested in light painting I have created a windows program that converts a bitmap into Arduino code for HL1606 and WS2801 lightstrips - contact me if you want a copy.

I have my equipment on order and have written this for when it arrives, so it would be great to get some feedback on if this actually works!

Lightwand Dialog by PhilWright69


Adam Currie 7 years ago
Nice work :)
MM © 7 years ago
good stuff, I'm gonna build me 1 of these lights soon so will be in touch.
PhilWright69 7 years ago
Fully tested now so send me an email in you want a copy


Ha, I was about to say that this looks like Phil Wrights program....and then I realised it was you Phil

How you getting on with the LCD and SD card reader?
jemmo2 6 years ago
This is so cool. I've been looking at the led strip (in particular the HL1606) but they are difficult to come by in the UK. The HL1606 has 6 connections, the other strips 4, so how does the wiring differ on connecting to the Arduino (Mega)?
I bought this one

And used phils awesome code on it
jemmo2 6 years ago
Interesting - £30 a metre but at least UK based so readily available. Just downloaded the software and had a play. This is definately worth having a go at building.
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