Lauz_ma 8:34pm, 11 January 2010

Could you guys give me some tips on drawing outside, i have attempted to do some and although the lights came out well i was in the image as a blur. How can i avoid this?

hadley coull 8 years ago
light painting, sai ree beach

light painting, sai ree beach

Do you mean using light trails like these egs? I did these two a couple of weeks ago. If the image overall is coming out as a blur, you need to use a tripod obvious, assuming long exposure. also expose and prepare the camera for the background - in other words, if you took the shot without the light painting, it would come out correctly exposed. test without light painting to be sure. then, you need anywhere from 10-30sec exposure, depending on what you want to draw - and how fast you can move!

Hope that helps a bit.
Dan Bennett2891 8 years ago
if you are a blur in the image and you dont want to be there then you spent to much time in it, in the excellent examples above he would have only been in the shot under half the time and the rest of the time he was out the image letting it expose fully
Lauz_ma 8 years ago
Thanks guys. It's been far too cold to be outside recently but now it's warming up again i'll be trying to do some more.
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