Mac... 8:51pm, 29 January 2009
Right, that's it. I'm fed up with doing lightpainting, waiting to get the film developed and then finding that my pictuers are, how shall I put it, ah yes, shite.

So now I'm on the hunt for a DSLR. I know this is a question that can lead anywhere, but do you lot have any suggestions?

Budget isn't high, aroung £350ish, so obviously a Nikon D3 is out of the question ;-) I was thinking maybe Sony Alpha 350, or (used) Samsung GX-10, Nikon D70s or whatever Canon I could get for that cash.

Any ideas/recommendations?
Adam Currie 10 years ago
Stick to a make that you can actually get lenses at a good price. So, you want Nikon or Canon really.

I can only really recommend the one I've used, which is the Canon EOS 400D. You can pick those up for around £300 these days I think.

Heard good things about Nikon but wouldn't know which one is good.
AndWhyNot 10 years ago
Avoid Nikon if you're looking to get into long exposures.

I've had so many long exposure shots ruined by noise caused by sensor heat (or possibly light) build-up. It presents as purple tainting in the corners of the image. Even with the in-camera noise reduction switched on (which takes almost as long as waiting for film...) it's still visible for exposures longer than a couple of minutes.

See these two for example:


Birnbeck Pier, Birnbeck Island, Weston-super-Mare by AndWhyNot

Don't know how the Nikon D200 fares but this certainly affects D40/ 50/ 60/ 70/ 80.

D90 and D300 much improved but out of budget.
Dan Bennett2891 10 years ago
i would go for second hand canon and pick up a wide lens wile your there. the 400d is in your pricerange the 18-55 lens is ok to start with but you will want to expand when more money comes in.

i have a 400d with if you get a grip for it you wont have to buy cannon batterys and chargers
night photographer 10 years ago
You need a 5d Mark II.
Dan Bennett2891 10 years ago
for 350 quid??
night photographer 10 years ago
oh I didn't read that part haha. woops.
Marc B.B. Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Marc B.B. (member) 10 years ago
Mug someone with a D300, but be nice by leaving them with £350.

Job done.
acid island [deleted] 9 years ago
I have had no probs with long exposure noise, I can't see anything wrong with AndWhyNot's photos.

I did an 8 minute exposure the other night that I am happy with. I have been doing a lot of shots at night recently and I do not use the in-built noise reduction or on the computer afterwards.
I use a D300 mainly with a D200 backup and regularly do long exposures. Though if I have to do a REALLY long exposure the street lights usually interfere so I generally stack 30 images. I have had no probs really with exposures up to 10 minutes with either the Nikon D200 or the D300. Plus because I stack images I need to get on to the next image quickly do I do not use on board noise reduction at all, and though obviously the images will never be as good quality as film they are very good printed up to A3 size.
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