Mac... 9:11pm, 10 April 2008
Just got back a roll of film with my first attempt at painting with light. I can safely say I'm shit.



I'm guessing the first picture is hugely over exposed. The second one is only slightly better, but it still sucks. I think I went overboard with the flash in the first one.

I'm gonna have to start taking notes.
Adam Currie 10 years ago
I would offer you help, if it was digital but I know sweet f all about film photography.

It does look like some of the overblown bits were toned down. Looks pretty good for a first effort!

Nice work.
Dan Bennett2891 10 years ago
i know it is probably o help now but the first one is underexposed in parts and has been scanned badly and the second one looks fine
night photographer 10 years ago
Yeah I agree with Dan - where are you getting them developed?

I actually really like the second one and they're both really impressive for first attemps especially on film. I wish I had the commitment and confidence to shoot a lot more film - I have an EOS body that takes all my lenses + flash gun and I really need to start using it.
I used to take a digital as well when i used to shoot film. do a test shot on the digital with the same settings as your film then it'll give you a pretty good idea how to expose the film.
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