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Adam Currie 11:03pm, 16 July 2007
Hello! Welcome. Instead of making a new thread every time someone joins, you can say hi in this thread.

Dan Bennett2891 11 years ago
hello everyone i would introduce myself but everyone knows me already! im going to do a dump on your pool!
Time Grabber 11 years ago
Hi one and all
Thanks for the invite Adcuz. Coincidently I was out last night playing with lightening so this invite has come just at the right time.
Missy Vix™ 11 years ago
hello! :D im really crap at light painting, but i will still post my lame attempts...dont laugh ok! :P

dan...please dont dump on the pool......please please please!!! im begging you!!
Nick JH 11 years ago
My lighting gels should be arriving sometime this week :)
Lee filters, orange, yellow, red, blue, green, purple

so you will be seeing a ton of new work from me soon
Adam Currie 11 years ago
Nick, sounds like you ordered the same ones as me! :D

I got them yesterday :P

On a down note. I knocked over my tripod so now my kit lens is split in half......

Looks like I need to move to L. I needed an escuse :P
Nick JH 11 years ago
hahah i want some L glass, need the money first though

Mine cost 10.95 for a x2 of each colour and free delivery by second class so im still waiting!
Adam Currie 11 years ago
not bad! I got them for a fiver, one sheet of each color.

LEE filters from Liteopia :)
Nick JH 11 years ago
Sounds good man, thanks for the testimonial by the way!
I got myself an LED torch today too haha aswell as a ton of batterys, one for my cactus trigger but it was the wrong size, cost me 5.70 too!
Mac... Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Mac... (member) 11 years ago

Just joined the group as I want to give this technique a go. Does anyone have any tips or advice?
Also, where can I get hold of some coloured gels to stick over my flash?


Adam Currie 11 years ago
Hello 'Mac' - A good place to start is:


Gels are really cheap on ebay. Look for the squares cut for PAR64 Cans.
Mac... 11 years ago
Nice site you've got there Adam. Very slick.

It'll be fun trying those techniques out, but I suppose I'll have to be patient, as I only use film cameras.

Not so much as trial and error, but trial and................................................................(waits for development).......................error ;-)
Adam Currie 11 years ago
haha, yes.

I have no experience what-soever with film to be honest. You can do the techniques I talk about in the article with a low end digital camera that has a manual mode.

Thanks for the comments about my site, very kind :)
iam_ajh 11 years ago
..damn Canon flash... ;)
night photographer 11 years ago
if you're using film, you need to leave the exposure for anything between 3 and 8 times longer than you would with digital. So if the full moons out you'll be shooting shorter exposures than if there is no light at all.

It's called reciprocity failure, google can probably explain it a lot better than me.
Rick Nunn PRO 11 years ago
Hey guys,

just put a few pics up that I took last night with my new camera, and thought it would be rude not to say hi...


ade_mcfade 11 years ago
Hi everyone,

Just joined the group - I'm based up in Leeds and get out with the flash and gels when it's not too horrible outside!

I'll hopefully be able to contribute quite regularly to this group, just off to see what you've all been up to :-)


Dan Bennett2891 11 years ago
welcome all
thoughtless sticks [deleted] 8 years ago
another new recruit here

i find light painting intruiging and a less commercial area of photography and im eager to learn more : )
vikwaters 7 years ago
Hi, just joined from Grimsby. Bleedin light painting has taken over my life ;)
paulgallagher83 7 years ago
hiya guys! just started playing with light and there is sooo much to learn,
from liverpool so if anyone is local giz a shout!
acejonnyt72 6 years ago
Hi peeps new to photography trying all sorts of new stuff seem to be hooked on light painting at the moment always looking for hints tips and advice also if i can help you let me know
JohnB's photos 3 years ago
This is me saying 'Hi" I'm based just south of London and am up for messing about in the dark with torches and stuff.
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