Rocky Pix 3:53pm, 15 June 2006
I started a tribute group to John Jarvie Ranch, the BLM's interpretive site in extremely historic Brown's Park (Hole.)

Brown's Park is entrance to the Gates of Lodore where the white water crowd goes to die.The Brown's Park Wildlife Refuge covers an area of the Park now. This would have been a fine place to observe the early (200 years ago) Spanish fort down river, near the "Gates"; and upriver, the Renezvous were held later. Fort Davy Crockett was upstream in Utah. The Cherokee Trail travelers went through on their way to Fort Bridger and the California gold fields. The cattle drovers and antics of the outlaw crowd. John Jarvie's ranch was west just in Utah part of the Park.

There are many opportunuties to record old ranches and even see petroglyphs. The sands of the Park are soaked in History here.

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