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Like movies?
Searching for "closure" in a world of ambiguity and moral relativity?
Take time out for THE END. Savor it...
Feel the cool, refreshing finality of it invade your eyes
and fill your brain with keen resolve.
Mmmmm... That's THE END, all right.
Yes, THE END satisfies more than any other title.
Gives you that "it's all over" feeling.
Nine out of ten cinegeeks agree!
Terminal. Tasty. Terrifying.


  • Deleted Posts

    I noticed that someone, perhaps the administrator, has been deleting some of the...

    omoplata16 months ago0 replies

  • A list of movies

    Just curious if there is a list made of all The End photos. I have looked and lo...

    ICEWALKER94628 months ago3 replies

  • Another milestone

    The End is approaching 2,000 photos! With plenty of The Ends -- but no end -- in...

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)38 months ago1 replies

  • Some more endings coming up!

    Next, a Rosalind Russell movie and an Abbott & Costello galore!

    LenhillAdvanced45 months ago0 replies

  • Big

    Well, members, we've just topped 1,500 caps of The End from 555 members. Thank y...

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)50 months ago0 replies

  • Video Works I have made using the Ends of Films

    A couple of years ago I was working on a project for my art degree making videos...

    myzout63 months ago3 replies

  • Recent Movies with "The End"

    Hi All, Just wondering if you know of any films in the last 15 years that hav...

    ericmartz63 months ago3 replies

  • I'm back after a computer crash.

    Now coming up: a James Cagney movie and an Elvis galore!

    LenhillAdvanced64 months ago0 replies

  • This is the ennnnnnnnds......... Hey everyone, check out this little thing I put t...

    FAAPS68 months ago1 replies

  • I'm back.

    Well, I got to confess that on my old account I picked off those end titles from...

    LenhillAdvanced69 months ago0 replies

  • please could you kindly answer a question about usage of these images

    hello there is this is a fascination pool of images. i have done a piece of mot...

    barnbrookdesign69 months ago8 replies

  • We're one photo away!

    We're almost reaching 1000 photos with end titles on them!

    lenhill1270 months ago2 replies

  • UPPERCASE magazine: call for participants

    Hello! We are looking for submissions to the summer issue of UPPERCASE magazi...

    uppercaseyyc73 months ago0 replies

  • Welcome! The End. Start!

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)74 months ago4 replies

  • Monster Endings of Fire

    I noticed three recent additions to the pool that are from monster/sci-fi movies...

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)75 months ago1 replies

  • The End in the blogosphere

    Dear The End-ers, The pool is getting lots of hits this week due to a converg...

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)76 months ago6 replies

  • Do the Tighten-Up

    Hello fellow Enders, Going through the pool and eliminating most duplicates I...

    Dill Pixels (THE ORIGINAL)80 months ago1 replies

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