Gaudior 4:34am, 3 April 2005
I've been to, obviously, the Gordon House, in Salem, OR, and to Fallingwater and to Kentuck Knob in PA. Didn't have a digital camera when I went there, though (was a few years ago).

Fallingwater in person was so incredible.

My ex-husband has been to more FLW house—and to Taliesin West in AZ. In fact, our (well, my) oldest cat is named Taliesin (Tali for short).
good question gaudior. the home and studio is about two blocks away from me. every year there is a housewalk, that allows ticketholders to get a sneak peak into not only flw houses, but other well known architects. i've been in quite a few, but have no idea what each of their names are.

i've hear that falling water is a must see.

cleaver name.
Pierre Metivier PRO 13 years ago
In my case, the Pope Leighey house in Virginia (some pictures already included in the pool), Falling Water of course and although not a house as such, the Guggenheim in NYC. Thx for creating the group.
Marcus M 13 years ago
No problem Feuillu, thanks for joining.
Taliesin West in Scottsdale, AZ. I added some photos to the pool. Loved it all except for those terrible "sculptures" that are made by one of the ex-students and plugged almost everywhere on the property. Poor FLW must be spinning in his grave.
I've been to Kentuck Knob and FallingWater.

Yes ... thanks, Marcus for creating the group.
kingofthenerds PRO 13 years ago
Fallingwater, almost by accident when I was 17 on a white water rafting trip, developed an instant interest.

Home and studio and several other Oak Park homes on the Wright+ house walk as well as Unity temple.

Robie House.
balaclava9 PRO 13 years ago
bytepusher --- same as me. falling water, oak park homes, robie house. guggenheim museum and recreated living room in the MET in NYC
Usonian Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Usonian (member) 12 years ago
The first Wright house I saw was the E.E. Boynton house in Rochester, NY, although I only saw it from the street. (Fllw trivia: It's the furthest east of Wright's Prairie houses).

I was a docent for several years in Los Angeles for the Hollyhock House (before it closed for renovations) and the Ennis-Brown house (before its current red and yellow tag woes). It's a great way to spend a whole day at a FLLW house, and see the rooms that aren't on the tour.

As a result of that I was lucky enough to get an inside tour of the Millard house (La Miniatura) in Pasadena.

I've been in the lobby of the Guggenheim, but didn't have time to browse the museum.
b_marchese 13 years ago
I've been to Fallingwater and Taliesin West. I'm not sure it counts, but I've been to the Biltmore as well.

I just posted some photos from Taliesin West that I took on the Friday Evening tour. Unfortunately the light and my batteries were fading fast.
SFHandyman 13 years ago
I've also been in the Hollyhock House a few times (I was a docent with the Los Angeles Conservancy and we shared some volunteers and often had events there), and the Ennis-Brown before the damage. The Ennis-Brown is a favorite. I've also been all through the Circle Gallery here in SF. It is a FLW remodel of an older building but I couldn't see anything that wasn't all FLW. I have a lot of pix of it somewhere. If I can't find them I'll take some more. It's only 5 blocks from my apartment.
I have been to the Price Tower in Bartlesville, his only skyscraper, even spent the night in it, very cool. I have been to a house of his in Santa Barbara but it was 25 year ago and I forget the name of it now.
I have been in the Circle many times, very nice, but the Guggenheim is out of this world, truly wonderful inside, but even more astounding outside from the park!
doug_r PRO Posted 13 years ago. Edited by doug_r (member) 13 years ago
I worked in the Price Tower for some years, and I've visited Taliesin, Taliesin West, the Oak Park homes, the Biltmore, and the Stockman House in Mason City, IA.

I used to live in a prairie style home designed by John Howe, Wright's chief designer, for some years as well.

Fallingwater, Johnson Wax, the Guggenheim, and the Hollyhock house are on my lifetime travel list...
Gaudior 13 years ago
I'm in San Francisco right now and found a renovated (and marked as historical) FLW building. It's a la Guggenheim, with a circular ramp to the second level. It used to be a gift shop and now it's a gallery with great stuff from all over the world. Cool, cool, cool!

I'm going to Chicago in March and am planning a tour of Oak Park.
liveinreality Posted 13 years ago. Edited by liveinreality (member) 13 years ago
Home and studio, Robie House, walking tour of Oak Park, a couple of deteriorated houses in Gary. Live up the road from the Emil Bach House. Monona Terrace in Madison, but I think they took considerable liberties with his design. Probably others, but I spent a really hot day at Taliesin a couple of years ago, it was wonderful nonetheless. I have pictures but they're prints and I have to scan them.
SFHandyman 13 years ago
Gaudior: the building you visited is the Circle Gallery. It is wonderful. I'll try to get some pix up this week.
San Francisco
Gaudior 13 years ago
It's now called Xanadu, SFHandyman, but Circle fits!
SFHandyman Posted 12 years ago. Edited by SFHandyman (member) 12 years ago
You are correct Gaudior. I have a habit of calling buildings by their original name or most common name. It works well for tours but it makes it hard for new people to find the buildings on their own. So if you want to visit FLW's former Circle Gallery: it's now called the Xanadu Gallery at 140 Maiden Lane in San Francisco, just off Union Square.

The Gallery sells tribal art and also a lot of South Asian and East Asian temple carvings (I worry about the temples where these carvings supposedly came from) and artifacts. There is also a section of Amber Jewelry with some fascinating pieces.

Very kind informative staff and very welcoming to us architecture nuts.
Matt Cline Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Matt Cline (member) 12 years ago
Been inside the Home and Studeo, Robie, Unity Temple, The Frickie house, Darwin Martin House, Graycliff, Taliesin, Hillside school, Marin Co. Civic Center, Florida Southern Univ., Dallas Theater Center, Fallingwater, Kentuck Knob, four or five Usonains in California (Can't remember all their names), and been inside Westcott most of all (I was the site manager for that restoration project). Probably a couple more, but they escape me at the moment.
ChicagoEye 12 years ago
Let's see: the Coonley Estate, the Tomek House, the Waller Apts, the Cheney House, Unity Temple, FLW Home & Studio, the Robie House, the SA Foster Residence & Stables, the Meyer May House (in Grand Rapids).
philethier PRO 12 years ago
I have only been to the Minneapolis house and to the gas station.
Alabama Digital Vision 12 years ago
I have been to two.
The Rosenbaum Home(A Usonian Home) in my hometown of Florence, AL.
I also Toured the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, FL . I belive that most of the buildings were designed by FLW.
simplyjake PRO 12 years ago
Everyone who went to Taliesan West and none of you visited the Grady Gammage Auditorium At Arizona State University. It was one of Wrights last designs.
Aside from those 2 also the guggenheim and back around 1990 the city of scottsdale put together a Retrospective of his career and actually built a Usonian home in the Cultural center Plaza.
doug_r PRO 12 years ago
Actually I did go to the Gammage Auditorium. Took some finagling to get in on a sunday morning but I eventually saw it.
simplyjake PRO 12 years ago
I saw Tommy there ... among other things.
southpaw20 PRO 12 years ago
Let's see...

Kentuck Knob
Taliesin West
Grady Gammage Auditorium
Arizona Biltmore (not really his, but by someone who worked under FLW)
tonystar 12 years ago
did the tour @ Oak Park, Robie house, Martin house, Falling Water, Hollyhock & Gugegnheim.
Shes_History 12 years ago
Falling Water in PA
Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, NY
Greycliff in Buffalo, NY
Taliesin West in AZ
Gammage Auditorium in AZ

I think that's it...I hear that Darwin Martin House is fully restored now and open for full tours. When I went there, it was only partially restored and still in quite "tough" shape. Greycliff is another property that was in questionable shape for tours, although if you are a FLW afficianado, it is still worth seeing.
Hypno+Raygun Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Hypno+Raygun (member) 11 years ago
Beth Sholom
Suntop Homes
Kentuck Knob
Theodore Pappas (St Louis)
Russell Kraus (St Louis)
Lowell Walter
Dana Thomas
FLW Home and Studio (Oak Park)
Jack Lamberson
Douglas Grant
Caroll Alsop House, Oskaloosa, IA
Frank Bott
Richard Lloyd Jones
Price Tower
Community Christian Church, KC, MO
Unity Temple
The Heurtley House
Corbin Educational Center
Allen-Lambe Home

Obviously I have just seen the outside of most of these. But the ones available to tour I have toured them..

Okay last week I went to Chicago and went to about 40 new homes.. so I'm not going to list them all. but a lot now..
dreamofyesterday 12 years ago
Taliesin West, ASU Gammage, Adelman House, Boomer House
EmilyNorton Posted 12 years ago. Edited by EmilyNorton (member) 12 years ago
Not all houses, but:

Taliesin in Wisconsin (inside, full tour)
Johnson Wax building (full tour)
Wingspread (inside - totally rocked - wanted to move in)
driven by the row houses on Burnham in Milwaukee
peeked into the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee,
driven by the house on Terrace Ave in Milwaukee
college house where I lived in Madison had one tucked right behind it (Butler St.)
Unitarian Church in Madison
Guggenheim Museum in NYC
some little boutique he designed in San Francisco (I think? or was it NYC?)
The Marin County buildings
martinnicholls 11 years ago
I'm a relative newbie to FLW, but spent some time at the Marin Civic Center last week. I must admit it took me a while to warm to the building - particularly the curious baubles visible in this pic - but the curves got me in the end. Wish I'd spent more time there with the camera now I'm back in London. I miss that California light...
clockworkpink 11 years ago
Only the Zimmerman House, Manchester, NH. Would love to visit them all some day.
Thompson Photography PRO 11 years ago
I've been to about 200 or so during the past 35 years. Started out with the now-demolished Francis Little house in Wayzata, MN when I was in high school. I bought the Storer guide and have visited a few more every year, including many of the interiors. Have also seen many by his son Lloyd Wright and by an extremely creative architect who was a friend of Wright's: Bruce Goff. PRO 11 years ago
Great group here...excited to be among so many Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts.
I've only been to a few of his sites:
Taliesin (Spring Green, WI) - Taken two tours so far.
AD German Warehouse (Richland Center, WI)
Robie House (Chicago)
Wright Home & Studio (Oak Park)
Unity Temple (Oak Park)
Various other houses in Oak Park, especially along Forest Ave.
Dana-Thomas House (Springfield, IL)
Unitarian Meeting House (Madison, WI)
Stockman House (Mason City, IA)
Cedar Rock (Quasqueton, IA)
Lindholm Service Station (Cloquet, MN)
Stromquist House (Bountiful, UT)
Allen-Lambe House (Wichita, KS)
Price Tower (Bartlesville, OK)
and the
Community Christian Church (right here in Kansas City)

I will try and upload more images from my trips to these sites.
chicagogeek PRO 11 years ago
I am only listing the building interiors I've been fortunate enough to see on public and private tours:

FLW Home & Studio (I only work there...)
Unity Temple
Robie House
Charnley House (Louis Sullivan & FLW collaboration)
Dana-Thomas House
Taliesin (original with other buildings on tour)
Monona Terrace
Unitarian Meeting House
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church
Guggenheim Museum

Copeland House
Heurtley House (at least 5 times now...amazing inside!)
Hills-DeCaro House
Laura Gale House
Peter Beachy House
H.P. Young House
Robert Parker House
Goodrich House
Rollin Furbeck House
William Martin House
Fricke House
Harry Adams House
Davenport House
Isabel Roberts House
Chauncey Williams House
Emil Bach House

5 Goals:
Kentuck Knob
Darwin Martin complex (when restoration is complete)
Meyer May House
Hollyhock House
chicagogeek PRO 11 years ago
P.S. I wish I could include Fabyan Villa in Geneva, Illinois. But everytime I've been there, it is closed for tours. But the grounds are amazing.
Our organization has photographed: Fallingwater, Westcott House and Unity Temple in two weeks. Also been to Kentuck Knob for personal enjoyment. Check out the kids photos at our site.
aback account [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 10 years ago


taliesin west
aback account [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by aback account (member) 10 years ago


the biltmore
shawnwall 10 years ago
fallingwater, taliesin west, and just last night i stayed overnight in the duncan house :)
Film&PhotoArchivist PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Film&PhotoArchivist (member) 10 years ago
Guggenheim as a kid.
Taliesien West while on a road trip to and from Texas.
And now all of the Los Angeles Homes (and Malibu and Pasadena), though two of these I've seen numerious times having lived near them and would walk by them weekly.
Monitor Encendido 10 years ago
His studio, Robie House, Guggenheim Museum and Unity Temple
Lynne's Lens PRO 10 years ago
several Oak Park houses
Unity Temple
Walker House, Carmel, CA
Price Tower
Dallas Theater Center
Gillin House, Dallas
Richard Lloyd Jones House, Tulsa
+ several houses/buildings designed by his apprentices
majarch 10 years ago
Hi, I just joined this group and am glad there is lively discussion!

Most recently visited the Wescott House
Falling Water
Taliesan West
Hollyhock House
Ennis-Brown House
FLW Home and Studio
Robie House
Unity Temple
The Guggenheim
Saw the Marin County Civic Center from the outside
métrogirl PRO 10 years ago
Merci beaucoup for creating this great group.

I have been to:
Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio
Unity Temple
Nathan G. Moore House
Arthur Heurtley House
Cheny House
Various other houses in Oak Park.
Charnley House (Louis Sullivan & FLLW)
Dana-Thomas House
Robie House
Taliesin West Scottsdale
Johnson Wax
Pope-Leighey House
The Rookery
Groups Beta