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  • Stereo book, A village lost and found

    Brian May of the rock band queen has put together a terrific book with author El...

    3dbeadyeyes220 months ago3 replies

  • Eye-sight benefits?

    I'm near-sighted allmost all my life, and had pretty much the same prescription ...

    Viktor_Bublic68 months ago4 replies

  • Making side photos disappear when viewing.

    Maybe everyone else has already figured this out, but I just realized that there...

    J. A. Branch73 months ago2 replies

  • 3D 'buddy icons' anyone?

    I've been having some fun trying to get a cross-view stereo 'buddy icon' to work...

    Skill086 months ago9 replies

  • Viewing on Black

    Greetings, All! New member here. Also new to creating 3D images, but I have y...

    JudsonR88 months ago8 replies

  • How to show stereo-pictures on your website.

    Some people are lucky enough - as I am - to own a Laptop from Acer with sterteos...

    expat-103 months ago3 replies

  • 3D crossview group female nude photography

    I am trying to be administrator of a new Crossview group, where you can show you...

    known bushes106 months ago6 replies

  • Those who can vs those who cant.

    I have only recently discovered crossview stereo photos and have been making som...

    gandalphthegrey107 months ago14 replies

  • The on-camera flash dilemma

    I've been noticing a few posts lately where the stereo pairs are shot using posi...

    Skill0111 months ago0 replies

  • realD 3D

    Can anyone explain this to me. I just went to see the fantastic new Pixar film "...

    Skill0112 months ago3 replies

  • Banned

    A member has been banned for aggressive rudeness to a fellow member. Suffice to ...

    Balliolman116 months ago4 replies

  • Astro images as Stereo pairs

    Hi, I have done astro imaging several years. To add a new difficulty layer t...

    J-P Metsavainio116 months ago4 replies

  • Stereo software on vista

    I have been using the free "stereo photo maker" programme which although excell...

    gandalphthegrey116 months ago3 replies

  • HDR - hideous darkness removal

    HDR has its place in attempting to get closer to the contrast range that the inc...

    Skill0117 months ago2 replies

  • 100th Member

    Welcome behaviourtank as the group's 100th member! Thank you too to the 99 other...

    Balliolman118 months ago0 replies

  • New 3D Aerial Photography group

    Photographs taken from the air, from kites, balloons or planes, that have two im...

    Ray Tomesages ago2 replies

  • Use and abuse of the eight.

    I'm concerned that some contributors appear to be using the group to upload bulk...

    Skill0ages ago12 replies

  • Loreo 3D lens in a cap for a Nikon D80

    Can anyone help? I have waded through the Loreo site and it's the most dense and...

    kandlephotographyages ago13 replies

  • Stereo Movies

    Watch this. More evidence that stereo is entering the mainstream. Unfortunately ...

    Balliolmanages ago1 replies

  • Stereoscopic imaging and PhotoShop

    Anyone else pushing the envelope, just a little bit, away from the standard land...

    Skill0ages ago3 replies

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