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This group is for family friendly photos showing the stereo illusion through motion parallax, with images generally displayed as a gif. Glasses should not be required for proper viewing.

Here's a tag to put alongside your comment, if you want to use it.

<a href="">3D_Animated_Stereo</a>

It looks like this:


  • Nimslo sell

    I would like to buy a Nimslo 3d Camera, got anyone to sell?

    yeliff3 months ago0 replies

  • Nimslo winding problem

    So I picked up a nimslo off ebay, with the flash, and everything (guy claimed it...

    SumnerLambert11 months ago0 replies

  • please consider submitting your gifs to my tumblr

    I've started a tumblr for 3D animated gifs. Please take a look, and if you woul...

    hookstrapped13 months ago1 replies

  • ImageTech 3D fx Review

    Background The ImageTech 3D fx is one of several lenticular 3D cameras so...

    Gimel Vav14 months ago4 replies

  • Invitation

    Thanks for your invitation. The 3D portrait is an hommage to my great-grand-fath...

    le_coat16 months ago0 replies

  • uploading the image to flickr

    how do you upload one of these images to flickr? I see two types, one in the com...

    lookseeseen18 months ago6 replies

  • Stereo Realist

    So no one here shoots with the stereo realist cameras?

    SumnerLambert18 months ago3 replies

  • Wanted! - Nimslo Battery Cover

    Hi, I recently picked up a Nimslo, it was nice and cheap as it's missing the ...

    johnnyh19 months ago1 replies

  • Gizmodo challenge until march 26

    If you are interested in generating "wiggle gifs" for competition, Gizmodo is ru...

    Thiophene_Guy25 months ago0 replies

  • A BIG group needs your best work.

    As a member of this BIG group I would like people to post their best work in the...

    Frederico Diaz26 months ago3 replies

  • Full animated stereo using Start 3D

    If you upload your stereo photos to Start 3D it will automatical...

    3D Photos29 months ago4 replies

  • Using 2 Nishika's simultaneously

    I am planning to try and shoot 8 instead of 4 photos by using 2 N8000's simultan...

    Lau Ren San33 months ago1 replies

  • Nimslo Flash compatbability

    Hello, Is it possible to use a 3rd-party flash with the Nimslo? The one I am ...

    HarryPotterSlug33 months ago1 replies

  • Student - 3D User Experience Survey

    Hey guys I am an intern at Dimenco, a company which is focused on autostereos...

    triqstar41 months ago1 replies

  • Stereophotomaker update

    Stereophotomaker 4.30 was released on July 3, 2010. An important new feature is...

    Thiophene_Guy46 months ago0 replies

  • Party is Over?

    Why my animated gif was saved how a jpg?

    virtualcheddar47 months ago1 replies

  • Anyone want to sell a Nimslo?

    i was so close to getting one from ebay yesterday, but was out bid at the very l...

    David•Henry•Thomas48 months ago1 replies

  • A Stereophotomaker tutorial

    This wikihow link shows how to make anaglyphs using stereophotpmaker. Making an...

    Thiophene_Guy49 months ago0 replies

  • A Great Tutorial

    While most of my work is with anaglyph 3D images, it's fun to come across a phot...

    Jerry3D50 months ago1 replies

  • smooth wobbly gifs

    hi a technical question please, i have created these wobbly gifs in photoshop an...

    Spiritburner51 months ago2 replies

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