Aberbran Studio 11:20am, 19 August 2010
Well, usually they do.
adb402004 PRO 6 years ago
They think you're the bringer of food. Particularly if you have bags with you of any description.
RoystonVasey PRO 6 years ago
maybe they just want to be famous...?
Jay.Images 5 years ago
They are snob!!
laylabobayla 5 years ago
now i just thought that our cousins wee orphan was a really well behaved and good lamb lol
Melnee Benfield PRO 5 years ago
They know how adorable they are.
GemmaMcA 4 years ago
They are naturally very inquisitive, especially if they are in lamb, or just had lambs. This makes they more nosy, as they want to ensure you aren't trying to hurt their babies. This means they are going to watch your every move.

I especially love taking photos of lambs at this time of year, as they are so cute, and big enough that they are willing to check out what you are up to.

Please check out my Facebook page, for some photos of my sheep and lambs. And, if you like the page, let me know how you found me. Thanks so much. And hope this helped :)

Richard burtle 4 years ago
It's called flirting.
Only joking.
walgert PRO 4 years ago
no is not and they not posing either, they checking...has the transporter arrived
Max D. Machy 3 years ago
Because they know how beautiful they are!
r3ramaker 3 years ago
They can't decide if they should run or attack.
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